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Chapter 979 Wang Xi Moves Aside

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Chapter 979 Wang Xi Moves Aside

Under the countless gazes under the starry sky, Zhou Yuan’s figure arrived before the ancient stone statue in the starry sky’s depths.

Wang Xi was sitting cross-legged in midair. Terrifying murderous intent was rippling around him like an ocean, and his eyes had already turned a scarlet red color. Many people felt their scalps go numb, seeing the fiendish aura.

Wang Xi shot a fierce look at Zhou Yuan, and a cold, sinister voice rang out. “The path here is blocked. Get lost!”

There wasn’t a ripple of emotion on Zhou Yuan’s face when he swept a glance over Wang Xi. “Get out of the way. You aren’t strong enough to compete for this stone statue.”

If Zhou Yuan had met Wang Xi before he opened up all nine Divine Dwellings, he would have had to use everything he had to fight.

Zhou Yuan’s current Genesis Qi foundation was so powerful that even he couldn’t believe it himself!

Wang Xi, whom he was fearful of half an hour ago, was no longer a threat.

The Chaos Divine Dwellings finally revealed their true terrifying power after all nine Divine Dwellings were connected.

Wang Xi’s expression turned chilly, and his eyes scanned Zhou Yuan like a knife. He had never regarded Zhou Yuan as an opponent, yet Zhou Yuan dared provoke him.

Wang Xi could feel a much stronger fluctuation of Genesis Qi than before from Zhou Yuan. He knew that Zhou Yuan must have connected the ninth Divine Dwelling.

But Wang Xi didn’t believe that Zhou Yuan could soar to the sky with nine Divine Dwellings!


Wang Xi didn’t answer a word. With a slight shake of his body, blood-red Genesis Qi swept out and illuminated the void with 66 million Genesis Qi stars.

After revealing his Genesis Qi foundation, he didn’t stop there. He threw his head back and roared. There seemed to be a blood-red sea gushing from his body, and rising within the sea of blood were countless blood-red Genesis Qi stars.

In the end, the number of Genesis Qi stars soared to the level of 85 million!

Evidently, he had activated a Xuehai Region secret art!

His Genesis Qi was indeed extraordinarily strong, and it was much superior to that of Xuan Kun, Xu Ming and other heaven prides on the Divine Dwelling List. It even neared the level of Zhao Mushen’s, Wu Yao’s and Su Youwei’s qis.

“Sky Flooding Art!”

Wang Xi’s voice reverberated throughout the world like thunder as mighty Genesis Qi swept out and transformed into a surging sea of blood filled with a bloody stench, as though his qi was formed from real blood.


The sea of blood whizzed forth as if to drown the world, and its tremendous shadow sped towards Zhou Yuan. But Zhou Yuan stood still in the void like a boulder and didn’t move an inch.

Wang Xi felt a vortex of anger inside him, seeing Zhou Yuan standing there motionless. He snorted and continued to control the sea of blood to crash down and completely envelop Zhou Yuan.


When the blood sea completely enveloped Zhou Yuan, a roar of astonishment burst from the crowd. No one thought Zhou Yuan would be so arrogant as to face a powerful enemy like Wang Xi and even let his blood sea envelop him.

It should be said that the blood sea was terrifyingly corrosive and could eat up an expert of the same level once they were trapped within.

While everyone was dumbstruck, suddenly, a faint dragon roar emerged from the blood sea’s depths.

The blood sea rippled violently before millions of azure-golden Genesis Qi light beams burst out and tore it apart in just a few breaths.

Countless eyes widened as everyone stared at where the blood sea had dissipated. Mighty azure-golden Genesis Qi filled the void, and countless Genesis Qi stars twinkled. The amount was at least 93 million!

Under the starry sky, there was utter silence.

All eyes were blankly fixed on the many Genesis Qi stars that appeared behind Zhou Yuan. It was 93 million!

“How is that possible?!”

Yuan Kun cried out in disbelief, and even the icily arrogant Jiu Gong opened her mouth soundlessly.

There were 93 million Genesis Qi stars!

Adding to this, Zhou Yuan had achieved this without activating any secret technique, which meant that this was his Genesis Qi foundation!

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It should be said that even Su Youwei, who possessed ten Divine Dwellings, only had a foundation of 83 million Genesis Qi stars!

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