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Chapter 977 Reversal Ar

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Chapter 977 Reversal Ar

Amidst countless horrified and stunned gazes, Zhao Mushen dropped from the sky and crashed into the plain with a loud rumble.

Clouds of dust and smoke filled the air.

There was utter silence under the entire starry sky.

Even Wang Xi, who was outside of the barrier composed of Genesis Qi, stared at the deep pit in shocked disbelief.

Yuan Kun, Jiu Gong and Li Tonshen, who were locked in a fierce battle above a distant stone statue, also paused for a moment and looked over with constantly changing expressions.

No one thought that Zhao Mushen would be the first to fall in the battle of the three kings!

He was Zhao Mushen, the strongest person at the Divine Dwelling stage in Hunyuan Heaven. All these years, even with Wu Yao and Su Youwei, the peerless pair, competing for the top position, he still stood firmly at the top. His position was unshakable.

For many people at the Divine Dwelling stage, Zhao Mushen was always their goal.

Although Wu Yao’s and Su Youwei’s appearances in the nine regions tournament could pose a challenge to Zhao Mushen, in truth, more than 80% of the people still believed that Zhao Mushen would be the ultimate winner.

This was because he was Zhao Mushen!

Therefore, everyone was stunned to see Zhao Mushen out-schemed by Wu Yao and Su Youwei. It was true that the more beautiful a woman was, the more deceptive she was!

Wu Yao and Su Youwei hovered in the void with a considerable distance between them. Powerful Genesis Qi surged around their bodies. It was obvious they were vigilant of each other.

They glanced at the place where Zhao Mushen had fallen, and then their gazes collided. In their gazes, there wasn’t any friendship borne from their previous cooperation. Instead, their eyes were filled with caution and vigilance.

Wu Yao lifted her eyes and said, “Seems like it’s our turn next?”

“I have long wanted to have a real fight with you.” Su Youwei’s face glowed with a faint purple light, making her look even more pure and beautiful.

Wu Yao’s red lips moved slightly. “Just because of Zhou Yuan?”

Su Youwei said, “Your Blessing is from His Highness, isn’t that right? The reason you could get to where you are today is of course because of your outstanding talent, but that Blessing must have also played a huge role.”

Wu Yao nodded and didn’t deny it. She stretched out her slender and beautiful hand, and a mysterious qi flowed around her fingertips. There was a hint of indifference as well as disgust in her eyes.

“Don't even think that I like this thing. If it wasn't for it, my mother wouldn't have died.” She looked at Su Youwei and said, “But you also shouldn’t naively try to persuade me to return it to its original owner. If Zhou Yuan has the ability to take it away from me, I wouldn’t mind, even if he kills me—just as I hold no resentment towards him for killing Wu Huang and destroying the Great Wu.

“With everything, the strongest is always king.

“The reason my father took the Sacred Dragon Blessing from his body is that he was strong and the Great Zhou was weak.

“Zhou Yuan then retaliated and destroyed the Great Wu. This was because he was strong and the Great Wu was weak.

“So, if he has the ability to take back what belongs to him, he can go ahead. Of course, if he can’t, don’t blame me for taking the last part of the Sacred Dragon Blessing from his body.”

Su Youwei was silent for a moment and then said, “In that case, I will help His Highness get back what belongs to him.”

Wu Yao stared at her for a good while and said, “I really don’t understand what charm he has that is worth you doing this for him. I originally thought we could be friends.”

Wu Yao had never concealed her admiration for Su Youwei. Unfortunately for her, Su Youwei had never paid any attention to her kindness, and it seemed that Zhou Yuan was the reason.

Su Youwei said indifferently, “What you admire is only the current Su Youwei, but the former Su Youwei wasn’t as bright and dazzling as now. She was just a little girl from a humble background. Without him, there wouldn’t be the present Su Youwei.

“My grandfather always told me to repay someone for their kindness.”

She lifted her beautiful hand, and purple light-like stars flowed within the palm of her hand, turning into a star-like sword.

The tip of the sword pointed straight towards Wu Yao.

“Let’s do it,” Su Youwei said.

Wu Yao sighed inwardly without a ripple of emotion on her jade-like face, and then her phoenix eyes gradually turned fierce. Since they couldn’t come to an agreement, it was better to settle it with a fight.

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