Dragon-Marked War God

Su Yue Xi

Chapter 2039 - Wouldn’t Spare His Life

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Wouldn’t Spare His Life

Jiang Chen’s speed was just too fast. Nothing would happen if he sat back, but once he took action, his attacks were always unstoppable like lightning until the opponent was defeated.

In particular, once he cast a skill like Azure Dragon’s Five Steps, all five steps would be trod out continuously.

The later steps of the Azure Dragon’s Five Steps were more terrifying. With Jiang Chen’s current strength, one step was enough to crush a part of the vault of heaven.

While Huang Tianbao was still in shock, he saw Jiang Chen knocking over him and he dared not take any negligence at that moment.

“One Flower One World!”

Huang Tianbao had realized how strong Jiang Chen was, knowing that although Jiang Chen was only a Second Grade Great Sovereign, his true colors could not actually be underestimated. Jiang Chen seemed to be almost at the same level as him, or even much stronger than a normal Fifth Grade Great Sovereign.

Huang Tianbao shouted loudly, casting out all the strength he had. The Great Sovereign Law was rippling above his head, and forming up the shape of flower petal in front of his chest. There were mystical scripts on top of the petal. The petal seemed like it contained an entire universe of energy that could destroy the heavens and earth.

This was Hung Tianbao’s most powerful attack. He mastered the power of space and had comprehended the essence of One Flower One World by himself.

Unfortunately, he didn’t know that this strike actually meant nothing to Jiang Chen.

One Flower One World was a kind of essence of the Great Dao that normal people could not comprehend. Those who could comprehend the essence must be a genius of the heavens and earth, but obviously Huang Tianbao was still not qualified.

Jiang Chen was the one who really mastered the essence of Great Dao. Firstly, it was the Dao of Slaughter, and now he also comprehended the essence of Ten Thousand Dao Unite. Thus, in his eyes, he could see through the essence of different kinds of Great Dao merely with a single glance.

Huang Tianbao’s strike of One Flower One World looked impressive, but it was actually without much substantial strength. He only instilled his formidable strength into the strike, turning it into a mould of the One Flower One World. This strike of his was still a great distance from the real essence of Dao.

Huang Tianbao might still be able to bluff his way past people with this particular strike, however, it was still a long way to go to bluff his way past Jiang Chen.

In Jiang Chen’s eyes, this was only the most common skill of attacking.


The battle still continued without pause. The third step of the Azure Dragon’s Five Steps was extremely ferocious as it treaded on that mystical petal. That particular petal that contained universe of energy was unexpectedly crushed beneath Jiang Chen’s foot. Huang Tianbao’s strike created no threat at all.

*Deng Deng Deng …. *

They were actually not on the same level at all. This time, Jiang Chen’s strike had caused significant shock on Huang Tianbao. The shock pushed Huang Tianbao more than ten steps away, only then did he managed to stabilize himself with great effort. He had a ghastly expression on his face. Other than feeling terrified, he looked somehow pale.

Apparently, Huang Tianbao had suffered serious injury from the attack just now.

However, in comparison to the physical injury, the mental shock he received was the greatest. He finally understood what Hei Sha had told him when he came out of the Miniature Fengchi World. Hei Sha said that Jiang Chen was very incredible, and he was not a match for him, even though Jiang Chen was only a half-step Sovereign at that time.

Huang Tianbao finally knew that he could not predict a monstrous genius like Jiang Chen with his common sense. What a pity, he had known this fact all too late.

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* Bang! *

Jiang Chen left no chance for Huang Tianbao to react and immediately trod out the fourth step. The fourth step was filled with dreadful strength that was much stronger than the third step.

Huang Tianbao was completely frightened. He started feeling immeasurable pressure from Jiang Chen. That was a kind of absolute pressure filled with unbearable strength. As the master of Leopard Hall and a formidable Fifth Grade Great Sovereign, it had been a long time since he felt suppressed in this kind of way.

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“Damn! Why is this bastard so strong?”


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