Divine Doctor: Daughter of the First Wife

Mao Shi Liu, 猫十六

vChapter 1152 - Not A Hometown, But Hell

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Chapter 1152 Not A Hometown, But Hell

“I still have to tell a story to the other people listening!” Feng Yuheng mumbled to Bu Cong’s corpse which had already fallen off the horse, “Even though this reason is filled with holes, it still sounds a little reasonable. Bu Cong, if you are lucky enough to start your life all over again, then come look for me again, whether we are enemies or friends at that time, all of that will be left up to fate. It is just that in this life, you will have to be defeated by my hands in the end. Trying to use this kind of method to make me fall and I, Feng Yuheng, almost fell into your trap, that is really the most shameful thing in my life.”

Once she finished speaking, she waved her hand, in the woods on both sides of the road, the Sixth Prince Xuan Tianfeng immediately instructed his subordinates to capture the Zong Sui faction who had followed Bu Cong. Amongst those Zong Sui people, some were loyal, some feared death, someone shouted loudly: “Lord Duanmu has confidence in winning, you Da Shun will not win.”

There were also people who begged: “I will tell all of you the location of Zong Sui’s base in the capital, please spare my life.”

With Bu Cong’s death, there were allies who betrayed them, Bu family’s underground mansion was found quickly, unfortunately, it was empty, there was no one inside, only the unfinished tea on the table silently told them that people had lived in this place before.

In front of the enemies, Feng Yuheng was never someone who kept her promises, sparing their lives when the location of the base was revealed, it was impossible. All the Zong Sui people were killed, and before killing them, they even tortured and interrogated them about Zong Sui’s Third Prince being in the capital as well.

But no matter how much they did, these small fry did not know anything, including where the Third Prince went and what he looked like, they shook their heads. Because the Third Prince was the same as Yu Qianyin, skilled at disguise, he changed almost every day to hide his identity and guarantee his safety, to the point that his own people did not even know which face of his was the real one.

Xuan Tianfeng said in frustration: “It looks like everything has ended, but everything has only just begun. Would that missing Third Prince escape from the capital or would he continue to stay and cause trouble in the shadows?” He looked towards Feng Yuheng, “Regardless of which it is, you should not get involved anymore, just wait in the palace and quietly wait for Ming-er to return. When everything is resolved, you and Ming-er and live good days. Ming-er said before, if he inherits the throne, the six palaces will have no concubines.”

Feng Yuheng could not help but laugh, “But he does not want to be Emperor, I also do not wish to be Empress, inconveniencing Sixth Brother, Da Shun shall be left in your hands!”

Xuan Tianfeng shook his head, wanting to say something about the Emperor’s seat, but in the end, it only became a sigh and he only asked Feng Yuheng: “What are your thoughts? What plans do you have?”

She said: “I want to go to the eastern border, staying in the palace and waiting for him to return is too torturous for me. He always said that he will not let me go, will not allow me to go, but Sixth Brother, do you know? The military deployment this time is different from before, I keep having the feeling that something bad will happen.”

“Something bad will happen?” The worry which Xuan Tianfeng forcefully suppressed in his heart rose up quickly and he thought about Old Seventh again, using that kind of method to forcefully change the position of Commander to him, why did he keep having the feeling that Old Seventh was going there to die? He looked towards Feng Yuheng, speaking: “If something bad will really happen, then I cannot let you go.”

“But you cannot stop me.” Feng Yuheng laughed, “Sixth Brother, do not worry! Something bad will happen only if I do not go, if I go, nothing bad will happen, trust me.”

A few days ago, he asked her to trust him, today, it was Feng Yuheng’s turn to ask him to trust her. Xuan Tianfeng showed a troubled smile, “That’s right, I cannot stop you. Forget it, if you want to go, then go! In the end, I cannot stop the few of you in the end.”

He could not stop them after all, the next morning, Feng Yuheng took Wang Chuan and Huang Quan and left Yu Palace, heading toward the east.

She did not take the imperial carriage, only using a normal horse carriage, but she used the two best horses to pull it. Wang Chuan said rather worriedly: “If only Ban Zou was around.”

Huang Chuan who was outside driving the horse carriage heard this and said immediately: “Do you feel insecure without Ban Zou around? I did say that Ban Zou should not be left in Ji An Prefecture.”

Feng Yuheng rolled her eyes, “Huang Quan, do not think I do not know what you are thinking, do not worry, without Ban Zou around, your Young Miss will protect you.”

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“Young Miss!” Huang Quan turned around, pulled open the carriage curtain and said loudly: “This Servant does not have such intentions, our journey to the east is too long, and we are fighting with Zong Sui, if we encounter an ambush from Zong Sui on the way, we……”

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