Fierce Ex-wife: President, Please Be Careful

Mu Kong

Chapter 386 - Misunderstanding (2)

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Chapter 386: Misunderstanding (2)

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The moment Zhao Youlin mentioned Nie Yunfan, Mu Tingfeng knew that something was not right. Once Zhao Youlin said this, for a moment, he did not know how to react to it.

Indeed, he had asked Nie Yunfan to help him to conduct an investigation on Zhao Youlin.

At that time, he had just divorced Zhao Youlin and they had accidentally swapped the wrong folder filled with doc.u.ments.

When he took out the doc.u.ments from the folder, he had read the doc.u.ments that Zhao Youlin had asked the people from the detective agency to conduct an investigation on some people from the Alpha team of Marvel Police Force.

At that time, seeds of doubt had just started to sprout in his heart. However, at that moment, he had not thought of things in that way.

Besides, in the end, Nie Yunfan had not been able to come out with any substantial and reliable news. As such, the matter had simply fizzled out.

At that time, if only he had known that Nie Yunfan was so unreliable and would pull his leg, he certainly would not have been so thoughtless to have asked him to do him that favor.

While Mu Tingfeng was regretting his own decision, he still looked as gloomy and calm as still water on the surface. There was no hint of emotion from his expression, except his eyes that had slightly flickered with some emotions had given away his true state at that moment.

“How can you still be wandering about at this moment? President Mu, shall I lament the fact that you have an amazing mental quality, or shall I lament that you could still remain so calm even when you face a sudden change of wind?”

Zhao You’s aggressive words had snapped Mu Tingfeng out of his daze. He was greeted by the sight of Zhao Youlin’s sparkling eyes that were brighter than usual. His heart clenched slightly. But, he still took a step forward and brought the distance between the two closer.

“You…” Zhao Youlin was stunned at the sight of Mu Tingfeng’s abrupt move.

Before she could speak further, Mu Tingfeng had already taken the first step and interrupted her, “That’s right. I’ve asked him to conduct an investigation on you previously.”

Zhao Youlin’s heart could not help but let out a thump upon facing Mu Tingfeng’s outspokenness, yet she still remained calm and still. She said coldly, “Who gave you the right to conduct an investigation on someone whom you have previously turned a blind eye to and now, she has nothing to do with you at all? Or, should I say, in your heart, you think that no matter who the person is, you can take whoever you want without granting any privacy nor liberty?”

“What do you mean by having nothing to do with me at all?” Upon hearing Zhao Youlin wanted to draw a line between them, Mu Tingfeng’s expression turned dark. He forcibly topped it off, “I am your boyfriend.”

“What’s so great about being my boyfriend, huh?! Nowadays, all married couples can get divorced, much less an unmarried couple like us! Besides, I believe that very soon we won’t have anything to do with each other anymore.”

Those who understood Zhao Youlin’s temper knew that she could be persuaded by reason but not cowed by coercion. Even though she lacked confidence in certain things, at least she would not fall in a disadvantageous state with her imposing manner.

If Mu Tingfeng had explained it to her in a proper manner today, she might have been able to discuss calmly with Mu Tingfeng why she had become so different from the previous self after he had divorced her.

Unfortunately, Mu Tingfeng was never a person who would beat around the bush, this was especially so when he was facing Zhao Youlin.

The two were of equally domineering characters. It was nothing surprising should there be a conflict happening at that moment.

Right after Zhao Youlin spoke, she felt an incredible force attacking her from the front all of a sudden.

Before she had time to react to this, she kept being pushed backward.

Until her back hit the hard solid wall and she felt a dull pain. Yet, the force remained and clutched both of her arms tightly.

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Zhao Youlin’s expression darkened. She looked up at the man who had abruptly made a move and yelled in annoyance, “Mu Tingfeng, are you crazy?! Let go of me now!”

Mu Tingfeng had cornered Zhao Youlin in a strict manner and this had affected the calmness that she had been holding in for so long. What did he mean by this?

Had he found something? Had he known that she was not the same frail and coward Zhao Youlin who used to pester him, but was only a wandering spirit that had taken over the body of his son’s mother and occupied the position of his ex-wife?

As Zhao Youlin thought of this possibility, she unwittingly felt a chill creeping down her spine.

If Mu Tingfeng had truly noticed the difference, what was he going to do next?

Would he treat her like a ghost and ask a priest to exorcise her? Or, would he expose her true ident.i.ty before everyone and make things difficult for her to continue to exist in this world using the ident.i.ty as the eldest lady of the Zhao family?

By that time, how would Joy perceive her? How about Duan Yarong and the rest of her group?

They cared so much about the previous Zhao Youlin. If they were to learn that she had taken over the body of the person whom they cared so much about, how would they react to it? Shock? Fear? Or hatred?

Zhao Youlin felt as if she had entered into a dead end and still could not get out of it even after going around in circles. After she had repeatedly hit the wall, only then did she advance gradually with fear of the unknown.

Mu Tingfeng watched as Zhao Youlin’s expression slowly turned pale upon hearing his words. He furrowed his eyebrows and was about to say something.

Just then, the tightly closed door was suddenly opened from outside and a surprising figure peeked into the room.

“Youlin, I heard the servants say that you have taken President Mu into your bedroom. You guys…”

Duan Yarong’s words came to a screeching halt.. She widened her beautiful eyes in disbelief and blinked as she saw the two standing in a flirtatious position not far away from her.

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