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Chapter 768: The Beginning of the Marriage Proposal

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Chapter 768: The Beginning of the Marriage Proposal

From the crossover to the present, Chen Rui had experienced many people and many things. They were always with him all the way, rain or s.h.i.+ne, life and death without fear.

It’s time to give them a real family.

(The soul of otaku is roaring: Oh my great harem!)

Chen Rui first came to the Dark Moon palace and found Athena.

Although Athena did not become his first woman because of a blunder, she was the first woman he truly fell in love with. Until now, he still loved her the most.

“But I still love you, not like, but love.” The figure of the great demon, the woman who burned her life when facing the Demon Overlord, had been imprinted in his soul and would never be erased.

“Athena, remember that before I went to the Dead Sea, we mixed each other’s blood mingling to make a vow? We will stay together for a lifetime until the end of life. In my heart, you are already an irreplaceable true wife. I said before that we will have a grand wedding. Then, please accept my formal marriage proposal, okay?”

Watching Chen Rui pull out a ring and knelt on one knee, Athena’s beautiful red eyes flashed with bliss, but she bit her lip and shook her head, “No.”

“Then, please wear…” Chen Rui suddenly reacted, “What?”

Athena doesn’t agree? Did I hear it wrong? This is an unimaginable failure!

“I have something to do, so I’ll go now.” Athena hurriedly turned around and left the dumbfounded male protagonist on the spot.


The male protagonist shook his head vigorously. He happened to see Kia walking out of the side hall. Kia’s beauty and temperament were top-notch even in the succubus family. Her hot figure exuded a seductive temperament which could be called a perfect mixture of beauty and coquettish. She didn’t have to do anything excessive, and she could make the male hormones surge with just a glance.

When he first crossover to the Demon Realm, she was still a terrifying existence of a witch for a certain poor man. He was often deliberately seduced and frightened. Later, he came into contact with Kia as Master Arthur and got acquainted with this unfortunate woman who turned all the pain into a smile as she laughed while weeping. After dispelling the heavy shackles that bound her soul and freedom, he harvested a charming and lovely little charming girl who was a little naughty from time to time and was exclusive to him.

In fact, in addition to the succubus’ natural seduce talent, Kia was not good at words. The boldness and dedication in the bed were her way of expressing her feelings. It was also 1 of the accomplices of a certain sc.u.mbag harem’s biggest welfare, ‘Everyone come together’.


As soon as the little charming girl saw Chen Rui, her face flashed with joy. As her eyes rolled, she stepped forward and saluted, “Your Highness Prince Consort, can I help you?”

Chen Rui couldn’t help feeling irritated when he heard this. You can’t change a new sentence?

However, this is obviously not the time to grab and spank, let’s use a true confession to break it!

“Kia… I will ask you a serious question now. Would you marry me, become my wife, and let me take care of you for life?”

Kia’s expression changed in an instant. The originally deliberately stiff expression became unconcealable happiness and joy. Being solemnly promised by her lover was the happiest moment for a woman, and she blurted out almost without thinking, “Of course!”

The little charming girl stammered when she suddenly thought of something, “Of course… not! No! I… I’m not free today, bye.”

The little charming girl walked a few steps in a panic, then she reluctantly turned around and added, “Next time… Next next time, uh, next next next time, we will talk about that…”

Illusion! It must still be an illusion! The male protagonist burst into tears.

The Rainbow Valley laboratory.

Chen Rui was quite confident about Ms. Fairy Dragon. Although she had a peerless look no less than Catherine, Zola had always been synonymous with ‘mad’ and ‘terrifying’ in the eyes of many people including dragons. However, in his eyes, she was cute, gentle, touching, intellectual and unique…

(A certain dragon master: Affectionate show off that blinds the dragon eyes)

(A certain blue dragon: A wors.h.i.+p that distorts world-views)

At first, Chen Rui encountered Zola in the Rainbow Valley to dispel Paglio’s ancient runes. As an experimental subject, he suffered under the fake daze+blackhearted Madam Valley Master. Then the relations.h.i.+p between the 2 became more subtle. In an unexpected event, the intimate relations.h.i.+p occurred ‘in advance’. Later, the 2 truly became glue-like lovers as their feelings developed deeper and deeper. Whenever he thought of the beauty in who pretended to ask ‘what’, his heart was filled with warmth.

“Zola, let me be the eternal guardian in your life, okay?”


“Will you marry me?”


“Let’s get married.”



Soon after, the male protagonist who got the 1-word answer burst into tears again- This is not an illusion!

(I take back the previous reminiscence… I hate that word!)

Holding the last hope, the male protagonist came to a quiet little yard where the fresh fragrance of tea was wafting.

There was a Devil’s Snare Flower here who was once popular the empire. She was vicious and merciless. She and his disguised ‘Charles’ were scheming each other, and they did not reveal their tragic past until the moment before they died. After they were reborn, the mature Devil’s Snare finally revealed the purity and fragrance of the Snow Dallet. At any time, this courtyard would always have a pot of freshly brewed tea waiting for him.

Happiness is not only a vigorous pa.s.sion but also a dull and unfailing warmth.

(Hey, didn’t I say no more reminiscence?)

“Boss… ah, Your Highness Prince Consort, you are here?” Someone’s reminiscence was interrupted by a girl’s voice.

Chen Rui was taken aback, “Olypheus, why are you here… Ah, Helen, you are here too.”

“Hmph! Your Highness Prince Consort, right?” The little mermaid put down the tea cup, glanced at him with hostility, and launched a verbal attack which she was good at, “Although I’m a servant and a prisoner, I still have the right to move freely, right? Sister Isabella, ignore such a playboy and shameless man!”

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Is there such an arrogant servant or prisoner? Chen Rui was speechless.

Dodo brilliantly used his talent to imitate the secret conversations of several madam bride-to-be, especially Isabella’s words such as ‘subst.i.tute’ and ‘in our hands’. Chen Rui had a ? expression.

“Madam Isabella’s last sentence obviously got the strong approval of all the madams, then the madams held their hands together. The momentum was so so scary… Master, Dodo risked my life to overhear these precious intel.”

Although the master-servant contract had been canceled and even though his overall strength was even higher than Chen Rui, Dodo still had the flattering look. The t.i.tle and att.i.tude had not changed. There were some ties that would not break even if there was no mandatory restraint.

Perhaps from the moment Chen Rui canceled the contract at the last moment, he had already signed a real contract with the slime.

“Dodo, good job.”

Chen Rui did not listen carefully to Dodo’s exaggerated portrayal of this eavesdropping work. He threw over a s.h.i.+ny gem, and the slime happily took it while exclaiming, “Long live master”.

Through the intel provided by the slime, Chen Rui, who had been mentally prepared, finally determined the crux of the problem and squeezed his fist- Fire up, l.u.s.tful man! Fire up the ambition of the crystal harem! In any case, I must break through the sisters’ alliance castle!

The male protagonist who was fired up did not know that after receiving the reward, a certain spy he relied on immediately ran to the madams to receive the second reward, shouting “Long long live madams”.

The madams also didn’t know 1 thing. In another room, 4 people… uh, 4 dragons were sneakingly holding an emergency meeting.

The first speaker was Master Poison Dragon, “Julia, Daniel, have you heard what Olypheus said? Chen Rui proposed to Isabella yesterday. Although Isabella did not agree to him, it seems that it will happen sooner or later. Don’t you have any thoughts on it?”

Elder Miss Black Dragon and the blue dragon looked at each other. Before they could speak, Ms. Emerald Dragon spoke first, “My feeling is that although Chen Rui is more casual than you, he is more responsible than you.”

The muscles in Master Poison Dragon’s face twitched, “This… is not the point, okay?”

Ms. Emerald Dragon’s character was not unreasonable, but now she was clearly annoyed with fierce brows, “This is the point!”

‘Comparison’ was a pa.s.sive attribute + active skill of a woman. Hearing that her best girlfriend, Yini, had been proposed to, a liar and lazy dragon had no actions at all. It was no wonder that Ms. Emerald Dragon was throwing a tantrum.

“Little Betty, you are my most precious treasure… Don’t worry, I have a plan for our future.” Master Poison Dragon saw that Ms. Emerald Dragon was really upset, so he quickly calmed her emotions with sweet words, “Olypheus is the only daughter of Sir Auglas. At the beginning, Sir Dragon Emperor threatened and lured her to finally become Chen Rui’s fiancée. Once Sir Auglas knew that Chen Rui married another woman while Olypheus is still a nameless fiancée…”

“This is equivalent to putting shame on Sir Dragon Emperor…” Daniel answered.

“So what?” Krobelus frowned.

“It’s a big deal!” Paglio s.h.i.+vered, “In any case, Chen Rui is the son-in-law of Sir Dragon Emperor. With Olypheus here, Sir Auglas will not do anything to him, but… we will be the only sandbag. We will definitely suffer from his anger! We will all be caught, imprisoned and punished at the Dragon Island by then. Maybe I won’t see you in my life!”

Ms. Emerald Dragon was also taken aback while the Elder Miss Black Dragon on the side also believed it. Given the temperament of the Dragon Emperor, this possibility was indeed quite high.

“So, we must not sit and wait! We must hurry up and use any means to promote the marriage of Olypheus before the human’s wedding!” Master Poison Dragon slammed the table, “For my freedom… and the happiness of Little Betty… Uh, also Everyone’s happiness!”

“Yes, by all means!” The 4 dragons stood up at the same time with a strong fighting spirit on their faces; they were united for the first time.

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