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Chapter 614: The Eyes Of Great Void

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Chapter 614: The Eyes Of Great Void

Although the red light curtain was temporarily intact, there was still a solemn expression on the tall and muscular man’s face. He waved his arm again and launched a symbol at the crimson chakram.

As crimson chakram flashed, a ring of fire immediately condensed and spread out in all directions. When the dozen black pythons touched it, they burned and dissipated soon after.

The billowing black gas was scattered under the spread of the flame ring. As the tall and muscular man looked clearly, he saw a hint of sneer flashed on Xiao Wu’s face. The 12 pitch-black bone flags had all disappeared. There was a sudden throb in his heart.

Just when the man thought it was bad, black gas around him rolled up again. 12 long, pitch-black objects appeared faintly; they were those bone flags.

“Poof poof poof!“

In each bone flag, 3 clouds of black gas were emitted. As the cloud of black gas appeared, the head and 4 limbs were grown from it, turning into an ape-like pitch-black ghost creature.

In an instant, the tall and muscular man was surrounded by 36 pitch-black ghost creatures.

Just when the tall and muscular man’s complexion changed and wanted to use the crimson chakram to attack, these pitch-black ghost creatures let out an ear-piercing scream.

36 invisible sonic strikes passed straight through the crimson light curtain. The light curtain could defend against spiritual power attacks, but it could not isolate the sound.

The tall and muscular man only felt his body stiff, and a painful expression appeared on his face. The sound waves had already penetrated into his mind. He felt that his head had been hit 36 times hard.

Hearing a “thump“, the tall and muscular man fainted on the ground with his eyes turned white.

The next moment, the boundless black gas that filled the golden array slowly faded in a whirl, revealing the situation in it.

Xiao Wu was standing on one side with a smiling face, and the 12 pitch-black bone flags were hovering beside her. The tall and muscular man fell on the ground with his eyes turned white, and the 36 enchantment prototype of the magic weapon, crimson chakram, fell beside him.

From the black gas spreading the whole circle to fading, it just took a few seconds; the winner had already been determined.

Liu Ming looked at the eyes of the glamorous woman in the field, and he was also very surprised.

The power of this senior sister apprentice seemed to be far beyond what he expected.

“In the 2nd match, the Taiqing Sect won.” Monk Yun Gang declared the result indifferently with an indifferent tone.

Yin Jiuling saw his disciple win, and a smile appeared on his face the first time.

“Senior Nephew Xiao’s cultivation has become more refined. Your direct disciple is really extraordinary.” Gu Jue flashed a gloomy face. As he said so, he released a yellow light to bring out the tall and muscular man from the array.

“Brother Gu has overpraised.” Yin Jiuling replied calmly.

“Since it is one win and one loss now, let’s go to the final match.” Gu Jue snorted coldly.

“Okay, then let the final match decide the winner!” Yin Jiuling replied with a slight smile.

At the same time, Yin Jiuling’s voice transmission sounded in Liu Ming’s ear,

“This nine-colored spirit deer is of great use to me. You must do your best in this competition. As long as you win this match for me, I will certainly not treat you badly.”

“Disciple understood, I will not let master seat down.” Liu Ming replied with a change of expression, then he stepped into the golden circle.

The green-eyed girl on the opposite side also seemed to have been instructed by Gu Jue. After her green eyes flashed, she jumped into the array.


As soon as the announcement was made, Liu Ming made a gesture with 1 hand, and wisps of black gas flew out of his body. Then, with a slight move of his feet, he disappeared into thin air.

“What a fast speed!” Gu Jue outside the circle changed his face when he saw this.

Seeing this, Monk Yun Gang also seemed to have a hint of surprise in his eyes.

The green-eyed girl was startled. Under the gleaming green light in her eyes, she took out a small golden blade. The blade twisted like a snake and turned into a golden string that slashed to her side.


Under the collision of a black fist with the small blade, a figure flew out with an instant shock. It was Liu Ming who had disappeared before. He couldn’t help making a confused sound, “Eh?”

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His movements had already been elusive like a ghost through constant confrontations with Lan Xi and Siren King; his body had been strengthened through the tempering by the Sky Wind Cave.

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