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Chapter 526: Gan Lou Pearl

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Chapter 526: Gan Lou Pearl

The green face ghost screamed, and black gas gushed out of the big hole in the back of its. It was Bone Scorpion’s tail hook launching a quick attack under the ground. It easily succeeded with one blow.

If it was an ordinary cultivator, it would die on the spot,

But the ghost shook its upper body a few times, then it strangely turned its head in eighty degrees and screamed, letting out a sharp howl.

As soon as the middle-aged scholar not far away heard this, his heart suddenly became hot. His chest was like being punched heavily, making him almost spit blood.

“Hundred Ghosts Cry!”

Liu Ming’s mind moved. He instantly remembered this ghost spell.

Many high level ghost creatures could cast such a spell. It could disrupt one’s mind. If it was used unexpectedly in battle, it could reverse the blood flow of the opponent and disintegrate his spiritual power. It was a similar technique that he had seen in the fire spirit’s howl.

However, this level of ghost crying technique could affect him much. Instead, he flicked his sleeve as his face turned dark. A crimson rainbow flashed out, circled the ghost, and flew back.


The green face ghost’s expression instantly solidified. Its upper body immediately slid to the ground, and its lower body also fell down after shaking slightly.

At this moment, in the distant cave, there was a roar. The sound was from another ghost creature.

Liu Ming turned his head and glanced lightly.

At the end of the mine, the whole body of the other green face ghost was tightly entangled by countless green hair strands. The black mist around its body turned into several snake-shaped black shadows, tearing the green hair strands continuously, but it couldn’t get rid of the hair strands no matter how it struggled.

Demon Flying Skull seemed to have used some kind of magical power. It attached to the neck of the ghost, and its three heads were biting the ghost creature’s vitals.

This seemingly fierce green face ghost could still roar and struggle loudly in the net at first, but it became weak in just a few seconds. Its body then quickly shrank and dried up at a speed visible to the eyes. In a blink of an eye, it was rendered motionless in the net.

Liu Ming nodded. His figure flickered, and his sleeves flicked again.

A red light flashed in the air, and the crimson flying sword had already pierced into the green face ghost’s chest and came out from its back.

After the icy sword light trembled, it borrowed the momentum in the air to dive down.

A weird howl sounded!

This green face ghost was cut in half by a sword, and the one who died couldn’t die anymore.

From the appearance of two green face ghosts to Liu Ming’s easily killing them with the help of two spiritual pets, it was only a few minutes.

From the beginning to the end, Liu Ming looked at ease as if he didn’t use much strength at all.

This naturally surprised and delighted middle-aged scholar.

When Bone Scorpion and Demon Flying Skull retrieved their magical powers respectively and flew back to Liu Ming, this Xu Family’s elder kept away his small shield, cupped his fist and said respectfully,

“I really didn’t know that Mr. Liu is not only astonishing in strength, you even have these two powerful spiritual pets. It is really an eye-opening to me. If I see it correctly, the spiritual pets should be at the later stage of the Condensation Period right? Tze tze, sir is really worthy of being a Taiqing Sect’s disciple. With such powerful spiritual pets, I’m afraid you don’t have to be afraid of those who are at the Crystallization Period or below.”

“Sir has overpraised. I got these two spiritual pets by chance.” Liu Ming replied with a faint smile, then he patted his waist. Bone Scorpion and Demon Flying Skull immediately turned into two black gas and rolled back into the leather bag.

When the middle-aged scholar saw this, he bowed slightly and thanked him again.

“This is my task, you don’t have to thank me. If there isn’t anything else, let’s return.” Liu Ming scanned around. After confirming that there were any abnormalities, he immediately said so.

The middle-aged scholar naturally agreed without hesitation.

So the two immediately returned through the same way. After getting out of the mine, they flew toward the Xu Family Fortress.

A few hours later, in the lobby of the Xu Family’s hall, Liu Ming calmly sat on a chair.

He was surrounded by several Xu Family’s elders. Xu Kaiyang who accompanied Liu Ming into the mine was the same too

These Xu Family’s cultivators had all learned from the middle-aged scholar about Liu Ming’s powerful performance in the previous battle. After being excited, they naturally showed more respect for Liu Ming.

“Envoy Liu, this is the reward we agreed. This time the envoy came all the way here to help us, I hereby thank Sir Envoy again on behalf of the Xu Family. In addition, these are some rare forging materials left by our ancestors. If sir doesn’t mind, you can pick a few.” After a while, Xu Family’s patriarch and the skinny old man walked from the back of the hall and put a bag of spirit stones on the table.

The Xu Family’s elder flicked his sleeve. After a flash of white light, there were a dozen more jade boxes beside the bag.

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“In this case, I will accept your kindness.” Liu Ming said faintly when he saw this. He first kept away the bag with spirit stones, then he looked at these jade boxes.

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