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Book 6 - Book 6 Chapter 29.2

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Book 6 Chapter 29.2 - Ordinary

Her achievements weren’t any inferior to O’Brien, to the extent where it was a bit greater, but her reputation in the war was far from reaching O’Brien’s. The reason for this was one, because O’Brien displayed astonishing talent in all different fields, and the second was that she was willing to give up her own reputation. At this moment, while O’Brien willfully released devastating storms, expanses of dark flames silently rose, and then silently went out. Under the cover of night, these flames were almost impossible to detect with the naked eye, but their power was great enough to leave one frightened. With every expanse of dark flame that rose, an enemy would be set aflame, and then before they could even struggle, they would already be burned into charred coal.

Eileen moved through the darkness like wind, every movement graceful and beautiful, impossible for others to tell that she was currently casting death over the human world. With O’Brien currently drawing firepower at the front, her slaughter became easier and more efficient. In the fighting until now, the number of enemy ability users who fell under Eileen’s hands was at least twice that of O’Brien.

Several unremarkable flames illuminated in the distance, and then a moment later, a sharp whistling noise tore through the air. Immediately afterwards, several bright orange flames also ignited not far away, the powerful explosion noises deafening even from a kilometer away. In the flames, one could vaguely make out a large chunks of steel components flying about, these belonging to the chairman army’s heavy artillery. Their heavenly artillery position had been detected by Eileen, and then their side’s hidden heavy artillery began to rain down a barrage, wiping out the entire enemy artillery position in one move.

With their heavy artillery position destroyed, more than half of their snipers lost, yet they still couldn’t inflict fata damage on O’Brien, the enemy finally understood that tonight’s battle was going to end in defeat once again. That was why the enemies hiding in the dark began to withdraw one after another. If this was in the past, perhaps O’Brien would let of the enemy just like that, after all, he looked fine on the surface, but he was already exhausted to the extreme. Moreover, there were already less than ten soldiers left of those who followed him from the family, and right now, if they weren’t injured, then they were completely spent. However, when he scanned his eyes over the battlefield, he suddenly saw an extremely familiar figure. Cold radiance flashed through O’Brien’s eyes, immediately chasing after it.

Eileen, who had just released an expanse of dark flames, felt that O’Brien’s actions were a bit strange. She looked in the direction he was running towards, and then also saw the figure that was fleeing in panic. As a result, she immediately understood, rushing out at full speed to intercept that fleeing figure.

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Fleeing in front of O’Brien was a half wolf, half man creature. Its four limbs were on the ground, running with a somewhat warped stance, its speed inconceivably fast. However, if one were to talk about speed, Magic Domain high level ability users who could control gravity were definitely among the best. O’Brien rose into midair, faint radiance scattering down in his surroundings, currently flying closer and closer to the prey before him. Meanwhile, at this moment, Eileen appeared in front of O’Brien. It seemed like not long afterwards, it would be intercepted by Eileen.


It realized its current situation, and so it suddenly stopped turned around, and then layed close to the ground, its green eyes staring rigidly at O’Brien who was currently flying over at full speed, its throat continuously releasing a threatening low roar. It had a wolf head, extremely similar to the olden era legends’ werewolf, but he still maintained many human body characteristics.

The hundred meters of distance was closed in a flash. Right when O’Brien stopped, preparing to use long distance attacks to properly teach it a lesson, it suddenly jumped out, its body stretching out, starting to move through the air like a fish, instantly appearing in front of O’Brien! Its speed was fast to the point where O’Brien couldn’t react in time, the werewolf throwing itself onto his body. However, the werewolf’s claws couldn’t injure O’Brien, instead stopped by an invisible shield while still in midair.

The werewolf’s entire body hung from the protective shield, futilely tearing at it with its fangs and claws. Its sharp teeth and claws continuously secreted a thick yellow liquid, the secretion possessing extremely powerful corrosive characteristics, immediately producing large amounts of froth after making contact with the energy force field. Within tss tss sounds, O’Brien’s defensive force field unexpectedly quickly weakened, becoming extremely unstable. If it were other magic ability users, they would have long lost their lives under the werewolf’s claws. However, O’Brien’s reaction speed far exceeded that of normal magic ability users. Only needing the force field’s instantaneous delay, his hand was already raised, moreover aiming at the werewolf’s head, a blazing white stream of flame already gathering at his fingertips!

All creatures without energy defenses wouldn’t have any way of defending against O’Brien’s high temperature stream of over 2000 degrees.

However, that werewolf suddenly stopped its tearing, looking at O’Brien. The instant before the stream of flames were fired, its mouth unexpectedly cracked apart, releasing a strange laugh towards O’Brien!

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A sense of alarm rose within O'Brien's heart. before he had time to think any further, he instinctively put out the stream of flames at his fingertips, placed his hands around his head, and then curled up his body, entering a defensive state. The flame stream lost control, berserk energy immediately erupting, creating a fierce explosion. Meanwhile, after a slight delay, the werewolf’s body also began to swell up, the explosion that resulted ten times more intense!

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