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Book 6 - Book 6 Chapter 28.10

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Book 6 Chapter 28.10 - Time

Several days later, at the central control island, the large and tall Serendela stood before the now semi-transparent cabin walls, quietly watching the clouds of radiation that looked like they were about to touch the ship’s body. Her naked body was a bit expanded, her height now exceeding five meters. This was a female body full of beauty. What was rather eye-catching were the two rows of scales on her lower back that looked like cabin doors, as well as an ugly scar on her abdomen. At this moment, several light bands of data lit up within the control room, constructing Fitzdurk’s hologram in the air.

“Serendela, my dear comrade, welcome back!” Fitzdurk floated above, opening his arms to embrace Serendela. His true body could hug her thigh at most, but he was currently using a holographic image, so he could naturally enlarge it as he wished. However, the hologram wasn’t completely fake. It was a similar type of medium to a human concocted body, able to support the apostle’s will. From this point, this virtual image could also be viewed as Fitzdurk himself.

Serendela and Fitzdurk hugged for a bit, and then they separated coldly. With an extremely dangerous expression, she looked at him, saying, “You killed my child.”

“That is the child of this body of yours, actually, no, your last body’s child.” Fitzdurk corrected. His bearing and tone were natural and serious. “My dear Serendela, you should understand clearly that I did this to break the shackles this world forced upon you.”

Serendela's face was gloomy, no longer acting out again, but she was clearly unhappy. She used her eyes that possessed extremely penetrative force to stare at Fitzdurk, the area where her eyes landed at unexpectedly producing large amounts of electrical sparks. The light bands that created the holographic image began to continuously break down. Fitzdurk released a muffled groan, the entire figure beginning to ripple about. This was an incorporeal exchange, a battle on the spiritual level. In a moment of carelessness, Fitzdurk ended up suffering quite a bit.

“Fitzdurk, I understand your intentions, but I don’t like the methods you used, strongly dislike it. You have brought me quite a bit of trouble, and my mood has become extremely bad. Before we find the brain, neither of us can completely break free of this world’s influence. That is why you should not do stupid things, I do not need you to meddle in my matters!” Serendela said coldly.

Fitzdurk’s brows furrowed, a hint of anger appearing on his face. However, he then sighed and said, “Serendela, we are different after all. I can already withstand the corrosion of the will of the world, but what about you? From your current appearance and what you just said, if I didn’t help you rid yourself of this layer of shackles, would you even be able to recover the instincts of an apostle? How many years have you slept for already, your instincts have already weakened to the point where I cannot sense it at all! It is to the extent where you even lost the Limitless Heart! Did you truly believe that you could recover your instincts purely based on your own power? If you could do this, then how could you possibly have ended up in the depths of the frozen sea, in the belly of that octopus? If it wasn’t me who brought you back from that place, you would have long been digested by that octopus!”

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“And so what if that did happen?” Serendela still didn’t accept his explanation, saying, “At most, it would just take me a bit longer to reappear in this world.”

“Reappear?” Fitzdurk’s voice was raised a bit louder, clearly unable to control his rage. “Reappearing in this world might take a few hundred years, and no one knows just how long it would take to free yourself from the will of the world! Open your eyes and take a good look with your penetrative sight! This is not a savage ordinary world, but rather a meticulously prepared prison! You shouldn’t assume that the creatures of this world are weak and brittle. Right now, everything is changing, the speed of evolution increasing by the hundreds and thousands of times. Before the nuclear war, the speed of evolution of creatures on this planet was indeed slow, and they were all unbearably weak, but now, with just a few years passing since the war, there are already powerful beings on this planet who could threaten us. This speed of evolution is already fast to the point where it is beyond our understanding. Don’t tell me you can’t recall anything?”

Serendela’s expression finally changed. “You are saying that individual…”

Fitzdurk nodded his head seriously, and then slowly said, “Only a biological weapon like him can exceed this type of evolution speed!”

Serendela became silent. In her memories, this was also a darkness she wasn’t willing to recall.


After remaining silent for a long time, Fitzdurk revealed a forced smile, saying, “However, there is a piece of good news. I found our sword.”

“Madeline? Serendela also displayed a joy she couldn’t suppress.

“That’s precisely her. However, the amount of corrosion she has suffered from the will of the world is extremely severe. Her self-restoration procedure has already been activated, unknown as to when she would successfully transform.” Fitzdurk said.

Serendela immediately asked, “What number of transformation is this?”

“From the data, it seems to be the fourth time. However, in the past three times, there has only been one instance of complete transformation.” Fitzdurk said.

Serendela also relaxed her tone, saying, “Fourth time, then that is easier to deal with. Even though the will of the world on this planet is extremely strong, after her fourth transformation, Madeline will definitely have the power to crush it. When that time comes, we can gather our former comrades and then leave this prison, returning to the cosmos…”

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“And then continue our never ending fleeing…” Fitzdurk finished her sentence with a bitter smile.

Serendela’s face immediately became pale white. Fitzdurk’s words accidentally poked at her heart’s deepest nightmare. As soon as she thought about this, no, when she just touched upon its outline, she felt an unsuppressable fear from deep within her heart. Only now did did she finally understand Fitzdurk’s actions of harming her child. She silently turned around, gazing into the world outside the starship, and then calmly asked, “Since Madeline might be asleep for quite some time, the brain and… en, that person’s whereabouts are unknown, then what should we be doing?”

“Find a way to locate the brain first. She is definitely on this planet, but might not have awakened yet. That is why I need to create an army that could conquer the entire planet, and then slowly find a way to find her. She should have a way of detecting her lost memories, and thus be able to find our last comrade. Then, we will leave this prison, and then return to the cosmos…” When he spoke up to here, Fitzdurk suddenly stopped, suddenly recalling that Serendela also spoke like this just now. 

Returning to the cosmos, just how magnificent, romantic, and exciting was this thing? It was because before them was precisely the endless sea of stars! However, after returning to the cosmos, would it be the start of another cycle, gradually age and then even die at the end of this endless fleeing? The most sorrowful thing was that apostles didn’t age and naturally die. When one possessed eternal life, then it also represented an eternal fear.

The atmosphere in the starship was quiet and oppressive. After an unknown amount of time had passed, Serendela suddenly said, “353 kilometers southeast, 1500 meters underground, there is a sulfur and iron dual ore vein. 200 kilometers to the east and 900 meters underground is a large-scale uranium mine, can be used, excavated and exploited as raw materials.”

“Excellent.” Fitzdurk calmly replied. The mechanical army under him immediately made adjustments, and then a few minutes later, two streaks of mechanical currents poured out, heading towards the two mining points Serendela pointed out.

The two apostles had an indescribable tacit understanding, neither of them continuing that topic.

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