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Legend of the Paladin, 圣骑士的传说

Chapter 1630 - Ancient Nether’s Incarnation

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Chapter 1630: Ancient Nether’s Incarnation

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword said, “It’s the karmic spear.”

It dragged Song Shuhang away and ferociously slashed out with the now ready ‘Heaven Burning Flaming Saber Technique’, facing the woman’s spear head-on.

The karmic spear that the ‘zombie woman’ used earlier to burst open Song Shuhang’s head was much weaker than this one. The spear attack from this woman made of flames and magma made Scarlet Heaven Sword feel intense pressure.

If it was its former owner who was wielding it— Ugh, if it was Scarlet Heaven, it would be 70% certain of being capable of blocking this spear.

But the problem was that it was Song Shuhang who was working together with it to perform the ‘Heaven Burning Flaming Saber Technique’. A little rookie, a Fifth Stage cultivator with Sixth Stage strength.

Could it block this move?

It could only do its best!

To be honest, this kind of evenly matched battle was what it longed for, making its sword-blood boil.

Although it was a sword, it had grasped its own sword intent, so it had always been ‘battle-hungry’ deep inside.

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword said, “Cooperate with me fully!”

Song Shuhang replied, “I’ve been doing that all along!”

He raised the sword, bent slightly, and slashed at the spear. This posture was a bit awkward.

…Dammit! Do my enemies have to target my waist every time? Are they envious of my multicolored waist or something?

I won’t let you succeed!


Song Shuhang’s divine sense, spiritual power, and energy were all concentrated to an unprecedented degree when his saber intent burst out. At that moment, he felt that his saber intent had faintly achieved a ‘breakthrough’.

A long time ago, he felt that his saber intent was showing signs of changing, and perhaps it was about to assume a completely different form from the ‘saber intent armor’.

When he swung down the sword today, he felt that his new saber intent was about to break out of its shell.

He had a hunch that his saber intent would transform very soon!

“Heaven Burning Flaming Saber Technique! Burn it to cinders for me.” Song Shuhang switched to holding the sword with both hands.

In an instant, the temperature between heaven and earth rose sharply.

With Song Shuhang as the center, the water in all directions evaporated.

The members of the Dragon Blood Tribe on the battlefield felt their skin and lips dry up.

The flowers and plants in the Dadamar Forest withered, and some trees even ignited spontaneously.

This move was too terrifying to put into words.

In the eyes of the members of the Dragon Blood Tribe, Song Shuhang, who was in the sky at this time, was as dazzling as one of those legendary ‘stars’. There were no stars in the sky of the Black Dragon World, and the people of the Black Dragon World had never seen what ‘stars’ looked like. Their knowledge of stars had only been obtained through some legends.

Song Shuhang, who was wrapped in flames at this time, was just like the stars described in those legends.


The heaven-burning attack slashed down, but the spear shot through the flames brazenly.


A sound similar to that of ‘glass breaking’ rang out.

Scarlet Heaven Sword anxiously said, “Not good!”

Song Shuhang also found that something wasn’t right.

The ‘Heaven Burning Flaming Saber Technique’ that he slashed out together with Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword felt as if it ‘shattered’. The sword attack shattered like glass shards.

Was this the real power of the ‘karmic spear’?

Under normal circumstances, the spear of that woman composed of flames should have been blocked by the ‘Heaven Burning Flaming Saber Technique’, and the two sides would’ve ultimately ended up in a tie.

But now, her spear shattered the ’cause’ of the Heaven Burning Flaming Saber Technique, just as if shattering a mirror.

This resulted in the cause and effect of the whole attack being broken.

The karmic spear remained unabated, piercing at Song Shuhang’s waist.


“Whoosh!” The Four Kings’ Walls and the Immortal Fairy Monster Cat’s Divine Gate appeared. They went to shield Song Shuhang.

This thick, five-layered defense let him feel a little more at ease.


The sound of ‘glass breaking’ rang out once again.

In the next moment, the karmic spear ignored the five-layered defense as if it was nothing but air.

The spear continued to move forward. It did not stop at all.


The ‘Tyrant King Expert’s Shield’ moved over, and stood in front of the spear.

This time, the karmic spear wasn’t able to ignore the ‘Tyrant King Expert’s Shield’.

But the tip of the spear only trembled a little before the Tyrant King Expert’s Shield was sent flying.

It had only been able to withstand the tip of the spear for a nearly negligible moment.

At this time, there was nothing Shuhang could use to defend himself… Even Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword didn’t have the time to protect him.

The virtuous lamia rolled into a ball, firmly wrapping around Song Shuhang.

Limited by Song Shuhang’s body, she currently only had strength at the Sixth Stage. In addition, the power of virtue in the flat imperial hat had yet to recover.

So, she could only do so much.

The karmic spear pierced the virtuous lamia’s body, and the ‘saber intent armor’ on her body exploded.

Immediately afterward, the spear twisted slightly.

The virtuous lamia turned into light of virtue that filled the sky and dissipated.

This time, she neither pretended to die nor screamed.

Because there was no time or opportunity to do so at all.

The virtuous lamia could only buy a little time for Song Shuhang.

The moment the spear pierced the virtuous lamia’s body, Song Shuhang did not hesitate to activate the Sage’s eye. “Impregnating Gaze!”

Facing an enemy of this level, saber techniques, magical techniques, and cool moves were of no use.

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The enemy’s attacks all had their own locking and defense-negating functions.

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