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Legend of the Paladin, 圣骑士的传说

Chapter 1131 - Ginseng everywhere

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Chapter 1131: Ginseng everywhere

Translator: GodBrandy  Editor: Kurisu

Song Shuhang: “…”

In fact, a clone technique to create clones that could replace the master in getting beat up… did actually exist. He remembered that Venerable White had sent a clone to resist the heavenly tribulation, which had then died. Moreover, this clone was not only able to replace Venerable White in facing the heavenly tribulation, but was also able to replace Venerable White to chat.

Should he wait for a while and look for Venerable White to ask him about the magical clone technique, and also to see how difficult it was to practice?

However, Venerable White was still in the midst of transcending his tribulation, which meant that Shuhang would have to wait until he was idle before being able to speak to him.

Meanwhile, he suddenly thought of another matter, and sent a message to the group. “Do you know when Senior Copper Trigram is going to come online?”

He had recently wanted to talk to Immortal Master Copper Trigram to learn more about that Lightning Pig that possessed 36 forms, and ask whether it was the pet of the ancestral golden dragon. If it was, then Song Shuhang wanted to understand the relationship between the ancestral golden dragon and Slow-Witted Song through the Lightning Pig.

So, previously, he had set the Immortal Master Copper Trigram as someone he ‘followed’ in the group so that he would be notified as soon as he went online.

However, he hadn’t received any notification just now—could it be that Immortal Master Copper Trigram was online only during the time when he was facing Sage Monarch Winter Melon?

No, that couldn’t be… because he didn’t receive a notification about Immortal Master Copper Trigram logging in, either.

Fairy Lychee said, “He went online about half an hour ago, then went offline again after a while.”

Song Shuhang looked puzzled. “Strange, why haven’t I received a notification about Senior Copper Trigram going online? I’ve clearly ‘followed’ him already.”

Fairy Lychee curiously asked, “Why did you ‘follow’ Copper Trigram?”

Song Shuhang replied, “There’s an important matter that I want to ask him about.”

True Monarch Northern River explained, “Copper Trigram went online with Iron Trigram’s account. As for why he went online with Iron Trigram’s account, I would like to know as well.”

Song Shuhang: “…”

Sigh, he could only ‘follow’ the account [Immortal Fortune Teller Iron Trigram] as well.

Song Shuhang worriedly asked, “Does Senior Copper Trigram have any other smurf in the group?”

True Monarch Northern River: “That should be all… Copper Trigram has only Iron Trigram as disciple, and Iron Trigram has yet to give Copper Trigram a grand-disciple.”

Song Shuhang sighed; he hoped that he would be able to meet Senior Copper Trigram next time.

At this time, Dharma King Creation curiously asked, “Little friend Shuhang, haven’t you already forced Sage Monarch Winter Melon to leave? Why do you still want to get that clone technique that can replace you in getting beaten up?”

“Little friend Shuhang must be preparing just in case. After all, it is Copper Trigram’s divination,” True Monarch Northern River replied for Song Shuhang.

Dharma King Creation: “Ah, that makes sense. By the way, little friend Shuhang, is your signal good right now? I have a new song, do you want to hear it?”

The entire ‘Nine Provinces Number One Group’ instantly went silent.

They had learned from experience… not to click if Dharma King Creation ever sent a voice message.

“Oh no, the signal suddenly started to weaken… my mobile phone is almost out of power. Seniors, I’ll talk to you later.” Song Shuhang quickly sent a message, and then went offline.

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The corners of Dharma King Creation’s mouth twitched.

Strange, doesn’t little friend Shuhang like my songs? He was clearly sings my ❮Seven Deaths Song❯ in secret, so why is he avoiding me now?

Could it be that though little friend Shuhang’s mouth says no, his body says yes?


After exiting the ‘Nine Provinces Number One Group’, Song Shuhang passed a note to Venerable White. [Senior White, are you busy?]

[Quite busy. There’s not enough time to eat, let’s talk again in a few hours,] Venerable White unknown-th clone replied.

It looked like Senior White was having a great time.

Shuhang wanted to ask him about the clone technique, but it seemed that it could only be postponed.

Song Shuhang and Su Clan’s Sixteen continued flying on their sabers towards Lady Onion’s birthplace.

On the way, Su Clan’s Sixteen curiously asked, “Shuhang, what do you plan on asking Senior Copper Trigram about?”

“I want to know more about the ‘Lightning Pig’ that took Senior Copper Trigram,” Song Shuhang replied.

Su Clan’s Sixteen’s eyes lowered slightly as she asked, “What do you want to know about the ‘Lightning Pig’?”

“I want to know the relationship between the ‘Lightning Pig’ and the ‘ancestral golden dragon’ of the Sea Race. I want to know if it was the pet of the ‘ancestral golden dragon’,” Song Shuhang replied.

Su Clan’s Sixteen asked, “You know about the ancestral golden dragon?”

“I heard about it from Yu Jiaojiao. Sixteen, you also know about the ancestral golden dragon?” Song Shuhang asked back.

Su Clan’s Sixteen nodded, and said, “Mm-hm, my Spirit River Su Clan and the Sea Race have been cooperating for quite a while, so I know some things about the ancestral golden dragon. Why are you suddenly interested in the ancestral golden dragon?”

Song Shuhang replied, “It’s a long story. I learned from Yu Jiaojiao that the ‘ancestral golden dragon’ left some secret messages in the Dragon King Palace. Then, there was another person, a powerhouse of the ancient era, who left replies to the ancestral golden dragon under the golden dragon’s messages. So, I ended up becoming curious about the ancestral golden dragon.”

Su Clan’s Sixteen turned her body, and curiously asked, “What kind of messages did he leave?”

“Some death-seeking messages.” Song Shuhang sighed.

Shi inquired, “How so?”

Song Shuhang gritted his teeth, and said, “It was a kind of message that after a person reads it, they would want to rush out and chop the other party up.” Regarding the specific message, he didn’t plan on disclosing it without getting Yu Jiaojiao’s consent. After all, this was related to the ‘Dragon King Palace’, which was a secret area of the Sea Race.

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Shi blinked and nodded.


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