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Chapter 1010 - The Part-Time Expert (26)

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Chapter 1010: The Part-Time Expert (26)

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“F**k, they are shameless!”

“No one plays a game like this!”

The moment Ming Shu and her team came out, the crowd shouted at them angrily. If there were vegetables and eggs around, the scene might have been even more chaotic.

Ming Shu walked calmly. All they did was stick their red flag on the other tea’s map.

It was not against the rules.

No notification popped out when they stuck the flag there too.

What was there to be agitated about!

A Soft Smile was shocked by the strategy too. She learned new things by watching the competition.

Long live Master!

“Master, are you going against the rules?” A Soft Smile asked softly.

“There is no such rule.” Ming Shu ate the snacks that A Soft Smile bought for her. “However, the organizers will probably add a new rule in the next competition. We can only use this method once.”

Any amount of Hatred Points are welcomed.

I am a professional.

“Oh, okay.”

Ming Shu didn’t know what A Soft Smile understood.

“Wind God, are you going to stay here and watch the competition?” Jiang Liu asked Ming Shu.

Ming Shu looked at the time. “No.”

The little demon was still in the hospital.

“Excuse me, where is the patient in this ward?”

Ming Shu pulled a nurse aside.

The nurse looked at the room Ming Shu was pointing at. “He was discharged.”


Si Chen was not in the company. Ming Shu finally managed to find him in the greenhouse.

Assistant #1 and Assistant #2 were standing outside the greenhouse, shivering with fear. She couldn’t see what was happening inside, but from the expressions on the two people’s faces, something bad had happened.

“Miss Ji He…” Assistant #1 forced himself to speak. “You should go back first. Mr. Si…”

“Can I go in and take a look?”


Assistant #1 and Assistant #2 exchanged glances with one another.

Mr. Si shouted that he wanted to teach Miss Ji He a lesson…

Would he hit Miss Ji He?

The two assistants were worried about Si Chen too, but they didn’t dare to enter when he was boiling with anger. They pondered about it for a while, before ultimately opening the door for her.

The lights in the greenhouse were dim. The plants looked like ghosts floating in the air.

Ming Shu scanned the greenhouse. There was no sign of Si Chen.

However, there was a strong smell of alcohol in the room.

Ming Shu found Si Chen behind his office desk. His head was leaning against the table, and he was not moving. There was a half-emptied bottle of whiskey in his hand. Empty alcohol bottles surrounded him.

She just went to take part in a competition. How did the little demon become like this?

“Si Chen…”

Si Chen raised his head immediately. There was coldness in his eyes. He looked like a lion that was awakened from sleep.

Ming Shu froze in shock.


The alcohol bottle dropped on the floor. Alcohol spilled all over the floor.

Si Chen pounced at Ming Shu. Ming Shu was caught off guard. She was worried that Si Chen would fall down, so she caught him.

The two of them fell to the ground. In the process, a few plants were knocked over.

Si Chen leaned over her. He grabbed her wrist and glared at her. “Why?”

Why what?

Ming Shu frowned. “Why are you acting crazy?”

“I am crazy?”

Si Chen took a deep breath. Ming Shu could smell the alcohol on his breath. He said angrily, “I am crazy… yes, I am crazy. Are you satisfied now?”

Ming Shu: ???

Si Chen suddenly lowered his head and bit her lips. Without any warning, he forced her mouth open and licked between her teeth.

Si Chen’s breathing got heavier.

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The two of them were very close to each other. Ming Shu could sense the change in Si Chen’s body.

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