Chronicles of Primordial Wars

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Chapter 823 - Entering King City Again

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Chapter 823

Entering King City Again

Days had been dull for the chief of the Changle people, Su Li. After bringing the Flaming Horn’s letter forth to Ji Fang, Su Li had immediately exited King City to avoid being regarded as a messenger. He ran as far as his legs could bring him.

He desired to watch everything unfold in King City but for some reason, the Flaming Horn’s party had yet to arrive till this day. He was better off distancing himself from the city for now. He’d step foot into King City again after the Flaming Horns had arrived.

However, other than the Flaming Horn’s visit to King City, there really wasn’t anything else interesting to look forward to. Hence, Su Li was bored out of his mind. He pondered about where to seek entertainment. If there wasn’t anything worth anticipating, he would create some fun out of nothing. Before he could even conjure a thought, he felt a rapidly approaching presence.

Su Li quickly broke out of his relaxed attitude and stared ahead into that direction cautiously. Soon, he relaxed his guard. The initial tension was replaced by a strong curiosity.

Soon after, a black figure appeared like the breeze.

It was Si.

“Yo!” Noticing the familiar face, Su Li greeted him.

This was how their usual greetings worked. Yet, Si responded like a fearsome beast who had its tail stepped on. He roared into Su Li’s face, “Scram off!”

Si did not stop. He strode away like a blizzard, the flow of air produced messing up Su Li’s unkempt hair further.

Su Li was confused by Si’s bitter demeanour. He was initially intending on cracking a joke- Hey, Old Si. Where are you in a rush to? Are you chasing after a slave?

He really wasn’t anticipating Si to be so angry. Why on earth was he so mad?


As he watched Si’s rushed exit, Su Li rubbed his chin and slipped into thought. Though Si’s pace was fast, Su Li’s eyesight was great. He could make out Si’s overall condition rather well.

When Si passed by moments ago, Su Li noticed that his cross-shaped long-handled weapon was reduced to a straight pole! If it wasn’t for the large Xi blade with the eye engraving, he wouldn’t have recognized Si’s signature weapon.

The huge intimidating weapon was reduced to this pitiful state. Could trouble have landed itself on the notorious chief of the largest slave-trading organisation?

Who was capable of hunting Si down like this?

As he pondered, he felt another approaching presence. Su Li turned around, expressions immediately freezing up. He leapt backwards abruptly, watching Shao Xuan cautiously. One finger curled, he was ready to whistle for the long-winged bird to leave. Nothing good would come from an encounter with the Flaming Horn tribe.

“W-What are you doing here?!” Su Li rushedly continued, “I’m not going to be your messenger again! I have something to do, gotta leave soon!”

As if afraid that Shao Xuan would say something, Su Li summoned the long-winged bird and quickly clambered onto its back. He quickly fled the scene, just like a rat who had met a cat.

Shao Xuan: “…” He hadn’t even said anything yet.

On the other hand, an escaping Si was cursing at Shao Xuan continuously.

‘You’re insane! I just said something wrong, initiated an attack and now I’m getting hunted down?! When will this ordeal come to an end?!’ —— This was Si’s first experience at a dangerous situation like this.

After the battle that night, Si had temporarily suppressed all urges to confront the Flaming Horns directly. Who would’ve known that Shao Xuan would chase him down from behind and attack him without any intention to stop? Initially, Si had thought about revenge but after multiple days of Shao Xuan’s assault, Si had changed his mind. Next time, it was better to just listen to Ji Fang’s words and leave the Flaming Horn tribe alone. It would save him from becoming the target of a maddened hunt just because of some poor choice of actions and words.

Si ran here and ran there. In the end, he decided to escape to King City to borrow Ji Fang’s power to end this ordeal. If he knew that getting involved with the Flaming Horns would land him in such a sticky situation earlier, he would’ve never sent his subordinates onto Flaming Horn territory to harvest slaves.

King City, within the palace.

Ji Fang’s eye was twitching, the threat of impending doom looming over his senses.

After some thought, Ji Fang asked someone beside him. “Calculate the dates. How long until the Flaming Horns arrive in the city?”

“They’ll reach King City within three days, my lord.” Someone reported softly from somewhere not far from Ji Fang.

“Mm.” Ji Fang thought about the deployment made after receiving the letter from Su Li. After the Flaming Horns’ arrival, King City should be spared from too much trouble.

And so another two days have passed.

The whole of King City felt exceptionally tense today. Though there have been increased patrols around the city since some time ago, the atmosphere today was definitely off. It almost felt like the city was fully on guard.

The people of King City suspect that something major was about to happen within these few days. However, two days have passed without events. Assumptions and discussions grew stronger following that. Theories about the Flaming Horn tribe’s incoming arrival was nothing new to them. However, their responses were vastly different from how the population of other cities would react.

Huh? The Flaming Horns were coming?

‘The same tribesman that beat up Lubi and partially disabled the Lu family’s last head is visiting again? Really?! That’s great! This is amazing news! We’re in for a show again! It took the city so long to repair the destroyed gates. I wonder what will happen this time.’

Those were the general thoughts of King City’s population. They were eager to see some action. The business owners and caravan members, on the other hand, had thought differently.

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As soon as word about the Flaming Horn’s visit was received, they rejoiced. ‘I heard that the Flaming Horns were rich and stupid! This is awesome. When they come, we’re going to milk them dry of money!’

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