Chaotic Sword God

Xin Xing Xiao Yao

Chapter 3142: A Great Surprise

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Chapter 3142: A Great Surprise

In response to Shangguan Mu’er’s words that were filled with concern and blame, there was nothing that Jian Chen could say. He sighed inside as his tone softened up. “Don’t worry. Not only am I fine, but I’ve even made quite a bountiful harvest. I found a total of twenty-eight mid grade G.o.d Tier Twin-headed Lotuses in a certain place.”

Jian Chen immediately shared everything he had collected with Shangguan Mu’er. He did not hide his joy at all.

However, Shangguan Mu’er was completely unfazed as if everything that Jian Chen had found was nothing in her eyes.

“I just happened to have found a certain place as well on the way here. It has the Xuanhuang spiritual fluid that you want,” Shangguan Mu’er said indifferently.

“Xuanhuang spiritual fluid? Actually, I’ve gathered a bit of it. There’s not a lot, only around a few dozen litres, which is nowhere near enough. Mu’er, around how many litres of Xuanhuang spiritual fluid does the place you discovered have?” Jian Chen asked in an unconcerned manner.

“How many litres?” Shangguan Mu’er’s lips curled into a smile of scorn. She said slowly, “The place I discovered is a very large lake. The entire lake is filled with Xuanhuang spiritual fluid.”

“What? An entire lake of Xuanhuang spiritual fluid?” Jian Chen was completely shocked. His face was utterly dumbfounded. He stared at Shangguan Mu’er in disbelief and tried reconfirming. “Mu’er, are you sure you didn’t see wrong? Are you sure that’s Xuanhuang spiritual fluid?”

As he said that, Jian Chen even took out the several dozen litres of Xuanhuang spiritual fluid he had collected, bringing it up to Shangguan Mu’er to confirm. “This is Xuanhuang spiritual fluid. Mu’er, look closely. Are you sure it’s this?”

Shangguan Mu’er became slightly displeased. She said rather unhappily, “Do you think I can’t even recognise Xuanhuang spiritual fluid? Don’t worry, I’m not wrong. That place really does have an entire lake full of Xuanhuang spiritual fluid.”

Having received a second confirmation, Jian Chen’s breathing immediately became rather fast-paced. He struggled to remain calm.

Noticing the changes in Jian Chen’s expression, Shangguan Mu’er could not help but become slightly complacent. She continued, “And the place I discovered has far more than just Xuanhuang spiritual fluid. In the centre of the lake, there’s even an island with at least a hundred heavenly resources growing.”

“What? A-a-a hundred?” Jian Chen’s breathing came to a halt. His eyes shone in a frightening manner.

“C’mon, take me there immediately!”

In the next moment, he grabbed Shangguan Mu’er’s hand and sped off.

Afterwards, Jian Chen and Shangguan Mu’er erased their presences and moved carefully and cautiously through the lush forest. Along the way, they avoided the territories of several Xuanhuang beasts. After quite a journey, they finally returned to the lake.

The lake was extremely large. It seemed like an ocean. Even with Jian Chen’s eyesight, he was unable to see the end of it.

Jian Chen’s vision was severely affected in the Xuanhuang Microcosm, so he could only see a hundred kilometres at most. However, it did tell him that the diameter of the lake was at least a hundred kilometres across.

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When Jian Chen’s eyes landed on the small island in the centre of the lake, his gaze immediately became fervent.

Shangguan Mu’er rolled her eyes. “It goes without saying that the Xuanhuang beast occupying the small island is extremely powerful. Are you really that confident against it?”

“Don’t forget about the twenty-seven Twin-headed Lotuses on me. They’re enough for me to fuse the swords twenty-seven times. All I can do now is fuse the swords against it.”

“Under the might of the fused swords, I can kill it even if it’s a Grand Prime. Of course, that’s only limited to weaker Grand Primes. If it has made it quite far as a Grand Prime, I won’t have any confidence,” Jian Chen said sternly. In the Xuanhuang Microcosm, fusing the swords had become his greatest trump card already.

Of course, only in this completely-sealed world could he fuse the swords recklessly. If he were in the Saints’ World, then he would probably be in great trouble as soon as he exposed the twin swords.

“If it really is a Grand Prime Xuanhuang beast, we’ll probably be close to dying the moment we lure it out.” Shangguan Mu’er frowned. Xuanhuang beasts at such a level did not possess any intelligence or laws, but their strength was absolutely horrifying. Once they caught its eye, it would basically be almost impossible to escape.

“I need to break through as soon as possible with my Chaotic Body. Once I reach the sixteenth layer, even if I don’t stand a chance against Grand Prime Xuanhuang beasts, my chances at staying alive will increase drastically,” Jian Chen said firmly. Afterwards, he immediately took out the Divine Fruit of Sky Purification and some of the G.o.d Tier heavenly resources he had picked along the way.

Gazing at the heavenly resources before him, Jian Chen fell silent.

He recognised the Divine Fruit of Sky Purification and he also knew its effects, but he had never consumed it personally, so he did not know if this Divine Fruit of Sky Purification combined with the G.o.d Tier heavenly resources he had picked along the way were enough for his Chaotic Body to break through.

“I have some here as well. I picked them all in the Xuanhuang Microcosm.” At this moment, Shangguan Mu’er pa.s.sed over everything she had collected. Some of these heavenly resources were of an extraordinary quality. They were the ones she had picked while Mo Tianyun watched over Jian Chen as he healed.

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