Chaotic Sword God

Xin Xing Xiao Yao

Chapter 3141: The Island in the Lake

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Chapter 3141: The Island in the Lake

He had two primary objectives in entering the Xuanhuang Microcosm this time.

The first was to find the Xuanhuang spiritual fluid!

The second was to obtain the Sovereign Fruit of the Dragon G.o.d.

And now, he had found the Xuanhuang spiritual fluid.

Jian Chen did not act carelessly. Instead, he used the coverage from the forest to carefully lurk in the distance and observe the surroundings. He was extremely careful.

In the end, only after he had confirmed there were no Xuanhuang beasts protecting this region did he emerge from the forest and take out a container to collect the Xuanhuang spiritual fluid.

The entire process was much more successful than he ever imagined it to be. Very soon, all of the Xuanhuang spiritual fluid in the depression ended up in Jian Chen’s possession.

“Xuanhuang spiritual fluid shouldn’t be too precious in the Xuanhuang Microcosm, which is why no Xuanhuang beast guards it. Of course, I can’t forget about the possibility that there’s far too little Xuanhuang spiritual fluid here, which isn’t enough to attract those Xuanhuang beasts.”

“Or perhaps the Xuanhuang spiritual fluid here has only been created recently and hasn’t been discovered yet,” Jian Chen thought.He looked at the Xuanhuang spiritual fluid within the container. “It’s far too little. It’s nowhere near enough. Just this tiny bit of Xuanhuang spiritual fluid can’t even last a few cauldrons of G.o.dking pills. I need to gather more.”

Jian Chen stowed the Xuanhuang spiritual fluid away and left. He was not in a hurry to reunite with Shangguan Mu’er. Instead, he found a safe place and hid himself in a treehole, digesting the effects from the Twin-headed Lotus as quickly as he could to heal his wounds.

As Jian Chen recovered, Shangguan Mu’er did not idle around either. She also searched through the Xuanhuang Microcosm for heavenly resources.

However, the region where she moved around was not as deep. Most of the Xuanhuang beasts she encountered were G.o.dkings. From time to time, there would be some Xuanhuang beasts that were weaker Infinite Primes.

At this moment, deep within a mountain range, Shangguan Mu’er stood before a Comprehension Tea tree, picking the leaves from there carefully and gently. She stored away every single tea leaf carefully like it was a treasure.

Close to the Comprehension Tea tree lay a Xuanhuang beast that resembled a lizard. Its colossal body had already been carved into pieces. The wounds were clean and smooth as if it was the work of an extremely sharp knife.

According to the lingering presence of the lizard, it was quite obvious that it was a Xuanhuang beast that had reached Infinite Prime.

Very soon, all of the leaves had been picked from the Comprehension Tea tree, but Shangguan Mu’er did not leave. Instead, she sat down on a boulder nearby and swallowed some pills to recover some energy. However, she constantly looked towards the depths of the Xuanhuang Microcosm.

That was where Jian Chen was located.

“It’s been so many days, yet Jian Chen still hasn’t come out. I wonder what his situation is like.” Shangguan Mu’er sighed inside, full of worry.

Half a day later, under the a.s.sistance of the G.o.d Tier pills, Shangguan Mu’er recovered all of the energy she had used up earlier. She sat there and hesitated for a while before making up her mind in the end and flying towards Jian Chen’s location without any regard.

They had each left the other a wisp of their souls. Through this wisp, they could accurately pinpoint each other’s locations, so they were not afraid of losing each other.

Many Xuanhuang beasts dwelled between Shangguan Mu’er and Jian Chen. Each Xuanhuang beast was more powerful than the last, far more than what Shangguan Mu’er could deal with.

As a result, Shangguan Mu’er was forced to take a curvy detour as she approached Jian Chen’s location in order to avoid these Xuanhuang beasts. She was extremely careful in the process and maintained a high level of alertness.

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Shangguan Mu’er gradually ventured deeper.

She knew without even thinking that the Xuanhuang beast that occupied the island must have been terrifyingly powerful!

Shangguan Mu’er held her breath and backed far away. Afterwards, she took a great detour and approached Jian Chen’s location.

Several days later, Jian Chen slowly opened his eyes inside the tree hole that he was hiding in. After this period of recovery, he had completely recuperated from the wounds left behind by the backlash of the twin swords.

“Just as I expected, a mid grade G.o.d Tier Twin-headed Lotus is enough for me to make a full recovery. I still have twenty-seven Twin-headed Lotuses in my possession, so doesn’t that mean I can still fuse the swords another twenty-seven times?” Jian Chen revealed a faint smile. As soon as he thought of what he had obtained, he felt extremely exhilarated.

“But this is only limited to the fifteenth layer of the Chaotic Body. If my Chaotic Body breaks through to the sixteenth layer, a single Twin-headed Lotus will be nowhere near enough for a similar level of injury.” Jian Chen left the tree hole and gained his bearings. He planned on rendezvousing with Shangguan Mu’er.

“But I still need to break through to the sixteenth layer as soon as possible. I can only obtain even more heavenly resources with greater strength,” Jian Chen decided inside.

Suddenly, his face changed. Through the wisp of soul he had left with Shangguan Mu’er, he could clearly sense her approaching him, and she was no longer far away.

“How could she!” Jian Chen’s face sank. He immediately flew towards Shangguan Mu’er.

Very soon, the two of them met up again.

“Mu’er, why did you come here? Do you know just how dangerous it is here?” Jian Chen scolded her as soon as they met.

Shangguan Mu’er hovered at a low alt.i.tude with the Zither of the Demonic Cry in her arms. She studied Jian Chen closely. Only when she saw how he was unscathed did she ease up. She glared at him and snorted softly. “Isn’t it exactly because I’m worried about you that I came here despite the danger? Instead, you’re the one who’s spent so much time here without coming out. Who knows what might have happened to you.”

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