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Chapter 599 - Five Emperors Ancient Coins

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Chapter 599: Five Emperors Ancient Coins

“It’s an ancient coin,” Lu Sheng said faintly after seeing it.

Lu Zhou narrowed his eyes and raised his eyebrows. “It’s actually the Five Emperors Ancient Coin. There were even ten of them.”

The person wearing the ancient coins was a middle-aged man.

After entering Mingxing Square, he entered a room with another man.

There were still a few people in the room. When they saw the two of them enter, they stood up and persuaded them to drink with a smile.

The man smiled and received a wine gla.s.s from someone. He was about to toast everyone.

Suddenly, the screen shook and Mingxing Square collapsed.

The ancient coins on the man’s wrist suddenly emitted a golden light that enveloped the entire square.

Shangguan Dian clicked his tongue. “It seems like this man’s ancient coins saved those people.”

Without this ancient coin, even if those people were lucky enough not to die, they would have been killed by the ghosts who came to find their subst.i.tutes.

Hence, the ancient coins saved everyone in the square.

“I didn’t expect this ancient coin to be so powerful!” Elder Sen was secretly speechless.

“No wonder it feels familiar.”

Shangguan Dian looked at Lu Zhou and said, “I remember you have a string of them too.”

Lu Zhou raised an eyebrow. “I wonder where it went.”

“Master, you have it?”

Lu Sheng’s eyes lit up. “Give it to me. You have no use for it anyway.”

“I have no use for it, but you do?” Lu Zhou frowned.

Lu Sheng chuckled. “Of course. I’m using it as a favor. It’s not worth anything anyway.”

“I wonder where it went.”

All these years, he had long lost track of where he had thrown that thing.

Lu Sheng pouted. “Forget it if you can’t find it.”

She wanted to give it to her friends to ensure their safety, but since she did not have it, forget it.

Anyway, her peace charm was not inferior to the Five Emperors Ancient Coins.

“Lad, your birthday is coming soon, right?”

Lu Zhou suddenly asked Chu Yan.

Chu Yan nodded slightly. “It’s at the end of next month.”

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Lu Zhou searched his body for a while and suddenly took out a dagger.

Chu Yan nodded.

If it was his, that strange feeling just now could be explained.


One month later, at the Chu family.

Today was the Chu family’s eldest young master’s birthday. It was also his first time appearing in public in years.

The people who came over were either rich or n.o.ble. Most of them were business partners with the Chu family.

Of course, as Chu Yan’s cla.s.smates, Zeng Zijuan and the rest also came over.

Even Shi Yi, Yun Ting, and the rest personally flew over to attend his party.

Even Shen Yiyi and Shangguan Linger were here.

Lu Sheng and Fu Sisi picked a few pastries in the hall and were about to return upstairs to eat.

Unexpectedly, she was stopped by Shangguan Linger.

“You’re Lu Sheng?”

She sized Lu Sheng up and asked coldly.

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