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Chapter 1730 - Mutation of Reiki Yeast

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Chapter 1730: Mutation of Reiki Yeast

Translator: WQL  Editor: Aleem

To be honest, if Zhang Tie heard about rarities like Tadpole Runes Sutra and emperor-level immortal outfit in Taixia Country, he would go there right away. However, after hearing the news in the Forbidden City of Dragon Emperor City in Motian Realm, Zhang Tie just replied with a faint smile as he transferred the topic despite some whims occurred to him.

Although Tadpole Runes Sutra and the emperor-level immortal outfit were eye-catching, Zhang Tie knew what counted most for him was to advance to a higher realm. The rarities would never disappear no matter who got it. However, he would not have another chance to receive living demon knights for refinement freely by staying somewhere in tens of thousands of years.

Of course, Zhang Tie knew which was more important.

Even if he was attracted by the Tadpole Runes Sutra and the emperor-level immortal outfit, he couldn’t occupy everything alone. Everyone should learn to give up something; not to mention that it was just a piece of news from Dark Valley. Even if it was true, now that people had not discovered them for over 300 years, it was normal for them to look for them for another 3-5 years. By then, Zhang Tie would have promoted to a heavenly knight or semi-sage level knight and would be more confident about his battle strength.

“I wonder whether Star Emperor Immortal Palace has caught living demons hea…ahem…ahem…wind immortal generals or not this time?”

“This time, Star Emperor Immortal Palace sent five water immortal generals here. Wind immortal generals are trickier than water immortal generals. It’s said that Star Emperor Immortal Palace has already dispatched some fire immortal generals and supreme immortal generals. Some have found their targets. I think they would send wind immortal generals here soon!”

Wu Qiankun was very meticulous even now. Even if he got a lot of questions in mind, he dared not ask what Zhang Tie used these demon generals for. Perhaps he had already guessed that this might be related to some secret method that Zhang Tie cultivated; however, he could never imagine that Zhang Tie was using these demon generals to light his chakra. In Zhang Tie’s eyes, these demon generals were much more precious than element crystals.

“Hmm, I really appreciate General Manager Wu for that!”

“My pleasure, Your Majesty…”

“Hahaha, I really appreciate you. Without the help of Emperor NvWa Palace and General Manager Wu, nobody could imagine how worse the relationship between Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace and Star Emperor Immortal would be in the end!” Zhang Tie burst into laughter as he added, “Since General Manager Wu left here last time, I’ve been thinking about extending my thanks to you. Therefore, I especially prepared a small gift for you. Hope you like it!”

Soon after Zhang Tie finished his words, Leng Manxue had already entered Yangxin Palace with a 70 cm long wooden box. After putting the wooden box in front of Wu Qiankun solemnly, she left there.

Zhang Tie had long prepared this wooden box and the items inside it. He just waited for an opportunity to give it to Wu Qiankun.

The wooden box caught Wu Qiankun’s attention as was imagined. Emperor NvWa Palace ranked first in wealth in Motian Realm, as the general manager of Emperor NvWa Palace, Wu Qiankun had almost seen everything.

Wu Qiankun then fixated onto Zhang Tie.

Zhang Tie raised his hand, saying, “General Manager Wu, you could open it…”

After opening its cover, Wu Qiankun’s eyes turned wide at once.

There were 10 rows of grooves in the wooden box, each row contained 10 special vials, 100 vials in total. They…appeared…appeared…to be a medicament…

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Wu Qiankun took out one vial and observed it carefully. He then confirmed it was indeed a medicament.

The vials looked very delicate; additionally, its slim design was rarely seen in Motian Realm. The pale blue purified glazed vials contained golden red liquid. The surface of those vials was marked with the patterns of coiling dragons, which was rightly the symbol of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace. The vials looked pretty delicate and grand. Curiously, there was no word on the surface of the vials.

“Are they medicaments?”

“Hmm, they are!” Zhang Tie nodded.

“What’s their medical use?”

“Hmm, you could use them to fix any improper symptoms!” Zhang Tie answered casually.

“Haha, thanks, Your Majesty!” Wu Qiankun smiled as he covered its lid. As Zhang Tie just put it simply, Wu Qiankun didn’t feel it was special at all.

In Motian Realm, everyone knew that the best means of recovery was to enter a pool of recovery if there was any health problem. In the pool of recovery, many health problems could be resolved. By contrast, medicinal pills and medicament were much worse than the pool of recovery in effect while the former were always ignored by people. Therefore, Wu Qiankun just took those vials of medicament as Zhang Tie’s sincere thanks.

No matter what, Dragon Emperor’s gift carried a special meaning even if it was not practical. Therefore, Wu Qiankun still felt happy about that.

After completing his mission and having a short chat with Zhang Tie, Wu Qiankun left a string of keys for the five metal cabinets. After that, he took away that box of medicament.

Zhang Tie just watched Wu Qiankun leaving Yangxin Palace as he didn’t explain anything else about the 100 vials of medicament.


Wu Qiankun left with all-purpose medicament, the wholly new all-purpose medicament.

Coincidentally, Zhang Tie had not imagined that soon after he came to Motian Realm, precisely when he was in Heavenly Square City, the reiki yeasts in Castle of Black Iron had completed their secondary mutation after consuming numerous merit values, aura values and basic storage energy through Heller’s conscientious development.

If not being reminded by Heller, Zhang Tie almost forgot that his reiki yeast could further mutate.

After completing their secondary mutation, the reiki yeasts improved their basic abilities greatly in an all-round manner.

——The second generation of reiki yeasts’ viability in hypoxia enhanced by 36% compared to that of the first generation of reiki yeasts. In the common environment, the second generation of reiki yeasts was fermented 5% faster than that of the first generation of reiki yeasts. The new reiki yeasts could produce 21% more kinds of enzymes than that of the first generation of reiki yeasts, 31% more enzymes than that of the first generation in quantity. Additionally, the enzymes produced by the second generation of reiki yeasts were 46% more active than that of the first generation. The greatest improvement was that the second generation of reiki yeasts could produce 53.4 energy and reiki affine values during the process of decomposing fermentations. The energy and reiki value that the things being fermented by the second generation of reiki yeasts contained were four times higher than that being fermented by the first generation of reiki yeasts.

As was told by Heller, the reason that the second generation of reiki yeasts couldn’t fully play their role in the world where Zhang Tie came from was that all the things being fermented and the air there contained less reiki.

By contrast, the sufficient reiki in Motian Realm provided a good environment for the second generation of reiki yeasts in fermentation.

Therefore, Zhang Tie’s all-purpose medicament upgraded with the help of the second generation of reiki yeasts in Motian Realm.

In the beginning, although Zhang Tie was happy, he didn’t pay too much attention to the second generation of reiki yeasts. Previously, he thought that medium-level medicament didn’t have its market in Motian Realm where people were born to be LV 9 fighters. Additionally, as he had long become a knight, Zhang Tie had already been used to the high-end medicament. On this occasion, even though he could gain advanced all-purpose medicament, he would not be thrilled either. As the upgraded all-purpose medicament could at most match medium-level medicament comprehensively, even though it combined with the sufficient reiki in Motian Realm, it was only a bit more effective than medium-level medicament. It was still far away from advanced medicament.

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However, as Zhang Tie gradually learned about Motian Realm, he found that it was not like how he imagined.

In Motian Realm, the most often used treatment and recovery method was not medicinal pills or medicament; instead, it’s a pool of recovery, which was a special treatment and recovery method combining runes and the strength of herbal medicine. When Zhang Tie came to Motian Realm, he had already experienced it on the airboat. The effect of a pool of recovery was indeed exceptional, which shocked him too much at that time.

In Motian Realm, pools of recovery were divided into preliminary, medium and advanced. The more advanced the pools of recovery were, the greater their effect would be.

However, pools of recovery also had their shortcomings. First, it had a large size. The more advanced the pool of recovery was, the bigger it would be. Even the preliminary pool of recovery was like a huge bathtub. By contrast, an advanced pool of recovery was like a swimming pool which could be seen in Dragon Emperor Pavilion and Forbidden City. Of course, such an advanced pool of recovery was not portable. Even if someone could put a pool of recovery into his portable space-teleportation item, the frequency of the use of the pool of recovery would be greatly limited——at most twice a month.

The second shortcoming of the pool of recovery was that it couldn’t detoxicate effectively even if it could cure one’s traumas. Many toxins in Motian Realm couldn’t be eliminated in the pool of recovery or even had an antidote.

Then why did the pool of recovery become so popular in Motian Realm and emerge as the dominant treatment in Motian Realm?

In the beginning, Zhang Tie thought it was because Motian Realm had a special inheritance of runes secret method. Later on, Zhang Tie found that the main reason behind the popularity of pools of recovery in Motian Realm was that there were very very few varieties and quantities of medicinal pills and medicament in Motian Realm which was mainly because that there were very few major plants in Motian Realm.

Of course, there were some bizarre fauna and flora in Motian Realm. However, generally, the plants that could be used for making medicines in Motian Realm were 75% fewer than that in the world where Zhang Tie came from. People in this world had not even heard about some rare plants that existed in the world where he came from such as fiery lotus flowers and cross-realm flowers.

Zhang Tie estimated that the only reason might be that Motian Realm was not a complete world. If Motian Realm was taken as Castle of Black Iron, the connection between this world and the world where the creator was in might have already cut off before the creator transferred all the plant seeds from the world where he was to Motian Realm.

Therefore, although the world where he came from owned a lot of living beings and plants, Zhang Tie couldn’t see them in Motian Realm at all.

Whereas, the foundation of the development of medicinal pills and medicament was the fundamental herbal medicines. Without those precious medicinal ingredients, nobody could make medicinal pills and medicament. An immortal emperor could barely make a stalk of grass or a glossy ganoderma even if he owned a destructive power.

Therefore, pharmacists didn’t have a bright future in Motian Realm. In order to make up the shortage of medicinal pills and medicament, people in Motian Realm invented pools of recovery in the long river course of time which combined with runes secret methods and the effect of only a few herbal medicines.

On this occasion, the wholly new all-purpose medicament benefited from the second generation of reiki yeasts was not useless in Motian Realm; instead, it was an epoch-making thing.

When they severely lacked medicinal resources and even high-level knights who had portable space-teleportation equipment could not use pools of recovery for free, the value of a vial of all-purpose medicament was evident to all the knights.

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What was more, after making a batch of wholly new all-purpose medicament using the second generation of reiki yeasts, Heller once told Zhang Tie that the wholly new all-purpose medicament might solve the fertility problem of women in Motian Realm. Women would consume a lot of their reiki and energy through delivery, which was only related to some natural life instincts of women; instead of their battle strength. If a woman couldn’t stand such high consumption physically and spiritually, she would not get pregnant. When a bean was put in dry sands, of course, it would not grow. However, after taking the wholly new all-purpose medicament for long, women’s reiki and energy would improve effectively. As a result, one woman could definitely give birth to 4-5 babies after taking them…

Zhang Tie had long been crystal clear about the value of the wholly new all-purpose medicament. However, when he gifted the 100 vials of wholly new all-purpose medicament to Wu Qiankun, Zhang Tie didn’t make it clear.

Why did he gift Wu Qiankun 100 vials of wholly new all-purpose medicament? If he wanted Emperor NvWa Palace to be fully aware of the value of the wholly new all-purpose medicament, he had to give them enough samples for the experiment. If the number of samples was low, they might not know how effective was his medicament.

When Zhang Tie worked in the grocery shop in Blackhot City, Donder had already taught Zhang Tie——when you wanted to sell a good item, you’d better hide them than peddle them. When the others realized its value, they would come here to beg you for that. If you could take the initiative and adopted different sales and package strategies, you could sell it at a price several times higher even over 100 times higher.

Zhang Tie believed in that Emperor NvWa Palace would dispatch people to Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace for the trade of all-purpose medicament soon.

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