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Chapter 705 - Huge Victory

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Chapter 705: Huge Victory

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Sun God Year 2671.

At the borders of the Stan Duchy and the Noether Kingdom.

On the flat plains, two huge armies were standing opposite one another. In front of the chaotic militia, there were fully armored steel knights

Strongs winds blew and flags fluttered. A ruthless, great battle was about to commence.

“My knights! My people!”

Before starting the battle, a purplish red steed carried the Noether King, arriving before the army and starting a standard speech, “In front of you is the despicable and audacious Stan Duchy army. Their regent assassinated the previous grand duke and used a shady plot to usurp authority. At this moment, they are scheming to obtain our nation’s wheat, gold, and even our women! Will you allow this? … In the name of the Noether King, those who achieve great merits in this battle will be bestowed great honor, and even sealed as nobles that will obtain fiefs in the Stan Duchy!

“Brave warriors, hold tightly your spears and arrows! Let the Stan Duchy witness the bravery of our Noether Kingdom!”

With the king’s speech, the militia cheered and the sounds grew louder and louder each time.

Across the field, Fang Yuan was quite speechless as he saw this.

According to the customs of this world, even the battles between large armies had some etiquette and rules.

Giving a speech before the battle was just one aspect. There were many other hidden rules, such as not capturing the opposing commanding general, and when encountering a noble knight, one had to try their best to capture them and exchange them for ransom.

Furthermore, even after defeating the enemy, only a few fiefs as compensation were obtained, and nothing similar to ‘the utter destruction of a nation’ existed.

To Fang Yuan, it seemed like child’s play.

However, he also knew that it was the rule of this world! The rule that only belonged to the nobles!

Only noble bloodlines could participate in this game of power and authority, so not too much blood could be shed.

Using this method, this could reduce the intensity of the battles to a bare minimum, thus maintaining the control that the nobles had on the lower classes. This was its objective.

“What a pity… Old man, you’re already behind the times!”

Fang Yuan looked at the army across from him with pity in his eyes.

The foundation of the nobles’ rule still laid in power!

At this time, the world had suffered massive changes by the descents of the Evil Demons and the Gods. During this huge chaos, the appearance of the Sons of Purgatory further made the higher classes start falling to the lower class.

When the original framework of authority encountered a violent impact and still firmly held onto its old rules, that was nothing but courting its own destruction!

Only by continuously evolving would they move forward with great strides in this era and not face elimination!

Facing the enemy formation, Fang Yuan brandished a long sword and vigorously shouted, “Attack!”

He did not even need to inspire morale nor encourage the troops. Early on, he had already used the ancient Qin’s system of military honors and conferment.

As long as they were a soldier in the army, regardless of whether they were a noble, civilian, or slave, as long as they obtained a kill, they would receive the corresponding rewards.

When a slave achieved a certain number of kills, they could immediately get rid of their slave status. When an ordinary citizen achieved a certain number of kills, they were rewarded with ten silver coins and ten acres of land!

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Furthermore, if they accumulated enough battle achievements, they could even be directly given a noble title!

Comparatively, the opponent’s speech made everything sound good on paper, but in the end, it was still the nobles and their children being rewarded noble titles.

This had already been proven many times in previous wars.

However, Fang Yuan was different!

When he put down the rebellion, he had firmly implemented this hierarchical system of military merits. With the identity of a Legend and the authority of Timo, they had suppressed all resistance.

Thus, at this moment, his current army was full of desire to win and decapitate their enemies to claim merits!

Aw! Aw!

Under his command, all of the knights immediately sprinted on their horses. At their back, red-eyed soldiers sprinted madly, even tightly following behind the cavalry as if they were a black flood.

“Damn it!”

The Noether King was partly through his speech when he saw this. His face turned white and said, “Luhn truly doesn’t understand a noble’s etiquette at all! A group of barbarians!”

After cursing, he rapidly retreated to the center and ordered his generals to intercept.


A group of fully armored knights rushed out. Their number was actually even slightly greater than Fang Yuan’s.

After all, they were a kingdom. Even if they encountered various upheavals, their foundation was still greater than the duchy’s.


A bright light flickered on Fang Yuan’s forehead. “Disaster Halo!”

Buzz Buzz!

A dazzling glow appeared on his body and transformed into a fine aquamarine haze that covered the knights.

Like they had obtained the assistance of the wind, all of the Stan Duchy’s knight once again sprinted!

This was a stark contrast to the Noether Kingdom’s knights who were powerless as a dark red light appeared on them, and even their galloping horses slowed.

A battle between cavalry relied on the power of the charge.

Even though there were more people on the Noether Kingdom’s side and their equipment was better, the outcome was obvious once they encountered this.


Amid the loud explosions, blood and flesh splattered everywhere.

Fang Yuan led the knights like a sharp spear, trampling the enemy knights into mush.

Not only that, his knights directly charged toward the infantry behind and, with the most vicious stance, opened up a gap.


Behind them, duchy soldiers roared, continuously entering the gap like a flood. They killed enemies with their eyes red and, in an instant, greatly expanded the gap.


The Noether King saw this and his eyeballs nearly popped out. His felt incredulous as he said, “A Legend’s power is so strong? Damned Luhn! Damned church!”

To counter the Disaster Knight, he had naturally had some preparations.

The best counter for this Halo power was to dispel it using magic.

Unfortunately, due to the Harvest Lady, there were practically no pastors of the required level willing to help him.

The Church of Harvest and the Church of Joy had long stood on the side of the Stan Duchy. The other churches were not willing to risk of offending the Goddesses to help a king of the mortal world.

“Are these still the soldiers of the Stan Duchy? Why are they so strong?”

The king looked at those ferocious enemies and his army that was constantly disintegrating, as well as the expanding chaos, and further became absentminded.

“Your Majesty, it’s better if we first retreat?”

At his side, Ollie saw this and a bitter, helpless smile appeared.

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Naturally, he was brought by the king to specially restrain Luhn.

Only now, he suddenly realized that the victor and loser had already been decided, and he basically had no need to act.

“What a group of scary people!”

Ollie saw very clearly that those ordinary soldiers of the Stan Duchy did not have enhancements from the Disaster Halo, and their equipment was even slightly inferior, yet their fighting will was very tenacious.

Compared to them, it was just a team of farmers dressed in uniform on the side of the Noether Kingdom. What would be better?


The Noether King’s face turned pale as he looked at the scene of the horrendous defeat of his soldiers.

Even with his physique as a professional, he nearly vomited blood.

He knew that no matter how much manpower was left, this situation was already unrecoverable. He struggled and said, “Pass down the orders for the rear army to retreat!”

At the moment, he just wanted to retain what little of his remaining capital.

After all, a few nobles had disapproved of him dispatching the army this time and gave harsh criticism. If he were to lose these forces, even securing the throne would become uncertain.


Ollie released a long sigh.

Currently, the guards at the king’s side were all storm warriors.

With this batch of elites, even if Luhn personally led his cavalry to attack, he had the confidence to safely escort the king away.

But how the situation of the Noether Kingdom would progress in the future was not within his expectations.

“Luhn? What a scary person,” Ollie muttered and started to retreat with the king.

“The Noether King is escaping!”

Seeing this, the energy of the Stan Duchy tremendously increased and secured their victory.

Somewhere in the Noether Kingdom, in a branch of a secret agency.

“Sir, it’s not good!”

Amid the hurried footsteps, the black crow responsible for relaying news passed the latest intelligence to the person-in-charge. “The Stan Duchy achieved a huge victory over the Noether army. They used twenty thousand soldiers to defeat the fifty thousand strong army led by the king, capturing tens of thousands and seizing a lot more!”


The person-in-charge of this place was a youth with a quiet and composed look. He immediately frowned, and even the quill pen in his hand shook a little. “Damn! Where’s the king now? Has he died?”

“No… but the Stan Duchy’s army hasn’t withdrawn. Instead, they are heading directly for the capital…”

This crow understood the feelings of its superior.. After all, its mood was not any better.

The youth instantly made his decision. “Pass down the order to evacuate immediately!”

After all, he knew of the resentful feelings between his organization and the Stan Duchy Legend.

When the Legend was still an ordinary citizen, he had been secretly plotted against. Even during that blood-red wedding of Princess Amerie, there were also liaisons of the secret agency.

At the moment, with that enemy coming for revenge, he would be a fool not to run!

“… Noether Kingdom, we will definitely be back!”

He firmly gritted his teeth. Relocating the base was not any easy task. Many industries had to be abandoned, and it felt like he was cutting his own flesh.

“And Luhn… you better pray that you can always win, or else…”


Unfortunately, the youth’s fantasies hadn’t even ended before the intense sound of doors breaking came from outside.

“Sir, we’re under attack!”

A few deacons in black covered with blood ran into the room in fear.

Behind them were three knights in blood-red armor.

The youth composed himself and said with a loud voice, “Who are you? Do you know that we are the secret agency?”

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“Secret agency? Seems like we found the right target!” A teasing voice came from under the metal armor. “We have orders from our leader not to spare anyone!”

“You are… Luhn’s people?”

The youth instantly understood everything, but unfortunately, it was of no avail. The next moment, with the swing of a giant sword, blood and flesh splattered everywhere.

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