Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Qing Feng Mo Wan

Chapter 1008 - How Are You Different?

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Chapter 1008: How Are You Different?

“I love to eat meat, and I’m especially picky about food. I don’t like to eat food that isn’t delicious,” Jiang Yao said. “I’ve tasted it. Your cooking skills are not bad.”

Lu Xingzhi did not feel happy even though Jiang Yao praised him because his wife had given half of the braised pork that he had cooked so well to that stupid cat.

“I’ll take it over to him.” After Jiang Yao was finished with the bowl, Lu Xingzhi snatched it. He was not happy to see his wife with the stupid cat every day. When she first came back, she had even yelled at him because of the stupid cat.

The moment Moe saw Lu Xingzhi come over with the bowl, he immediately jumped back to the corner of the sofa. He did not even dare to meet Lu Xingzhi’s eyes. He buried his head in its front paws.

Lu Xingzhi placed the bowl on the side of the sofa and reached out to carry Moe back to the ground. He threatened him, “If you don’t wash your face after eating, don’t you dare to rub your face on the sofa!”

Moe nodded his head stiffly.

Lu Xingzhi was about to turn around and go back to the dining room, but he was stunned by Moe’s nod. No one knew what he was thinking. After a few seconds, he turned around and returned to the dining table as if nothing had happened.

“Moe seems to be quite afraid of me,” Lu Xingzhi asked as he sat down.

“Yes.” Jiang Yao nodded. “That guy always bullies the weak and is afraid of those who are strong. He’s a coward.”

The coward was eating the braised pork with tears down his face. He had a hunch that it might be the last feast of his life. The look in that man’s eyes was too scary.

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“I’m scary?” Lu Xingzhi could not tell if he was happy or unhappy when he heard that.

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