Boss Mo’s Predestined Love Brought by Surrogacy

Qiu Ming, 秋名

Chapter 505 - One event succeeds another

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Chapter 505 One event succeeds another

Jiang Jingcheng on the other end of the phone asked Gu Yan whether her matter was solved, when she went back to the studio and something went wrong in the studio.

“What’s going on?” Gu Yan frowned. Upon hearing something happened in the studio, her tone became serious.

Seeing Gu Yan become worried, Jiang Jingcheng thought that he could not hide it from her anyway and why not directly tell her. It would be better that two people worked out a solution together.

“There are some problems with the cases that we took before. The first parties may not be very satisfied with us, and they don’t cooperate with us to modify the schemes.”

Jiang Jingcheng said implicitly, but Gu Yan knew his implication. Were there some people who were envious of them and deliberately aimed at the studio because they had received many cases recently? Or did they offend someone?

Gu Yan thought back quickly, but she didn’t work out anything. She appeased Jiang Jingcheng, “My business here is over. Don’t impulse and wait till I come back to see what’s going on.”

Gu Yan asked the situation of the studio, then hung up the phone hastily.

Staring at his mobile phone, Jiang Jingcheng couldn’t help being in blank. He wanted to solve it by himself, but the studio was the result of Gu Yan’s painstaking efforts. It was inappropriate for him to hide it from her. He sighed and stopped thinking about it.

“What’s going on?” Mo Yichen asked. After Gu Yan hung up the phone, she looked not very well.

“There’s something wrong in the studio. I have to go back to solve it.” Gu Yan touched Xiangyan’s head who was in Mo Yichen’s arms. Looking at his pale face, Gu Yan felt a little distressed. “After I solve the problems about the work, I’ll come to see you. Be good, okay?”

“Ok! I would like Aunt Gu and dad to take me to eat delicious food tonight! You must come to see me. Don’t lie to me! Let’s make a deal.” Looking at the small hand that Xiangyan stretched out, Gu Yan finally showed a smile, and stretched out her little finger and hooked that of Xiangyan.

“I’ll take Xiangyan home first, and then see you in the studio.” Mo Yichen said.

Although Gu Yan was a little reluctant, she still nodded, “Go.”

Mo Yichen held Xiangyan to the car. Gu Yan didn’t leave until the car of Mo Family disappeared in her sight.

After that, Gu Yan drove to the studio. As soon as she entered the studio, she felt something wrong. Everyone was lifeless and sat in their own station, which was quite different from the previous busy period. She stopped a passing-by staff, “Where is Agent Jiang?”

“Miss Gu, you are finally back. Agent Jiang is in the office.”

“I knew. Go to your business.” Gu Yan nodded slightly, and then went to Jiang Jingcheng’s office.

Gu Yan stopped at the door of the office and knocked, “Come in!” Jiang Jingcheng’s voice came from the office.

“What’s going on?” As soon as Gu Yan entered the office, she asked Jiang Jingcheng before she sat down.

“You are back! Sit down. Have a drink?” Jiang Jingcheng raised his head from a pile of documents. Seeing that it was Gu Yan, he became excited and asked.

“No, tell me what happened first.” Gu Yan sat down and spoke.

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“The first parties were like crazy. They didn’t admit all cases that we have settled before and didn’t support my work.” Jiang Jingcheng rubbed his head angrily.

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