Bone Painting Coroner

Li Duo Wu, 厘多乌

Chapter 726 - Sacrificial Goa

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Chapter 726 - Sacrificial Goa


But… Mo Ruo finally shook his head to clear his thoughts after allowing them to wander for a long moment. What is that about getting married or not? He must be crazy!

He jumped upright and replaced the disdainful expression on his face, then turned to flee out the room, closing the door. After that, he entered another room on the upper floor of the pavilion and locked the door behind him.

The room wasn’t big but was very elegant and was encompassed by bookshelves piled high with books. Every one of them seemed to have been there for a long time, appearing rather old and tattered.

Mo Ruo searched for a moment and drew out a single volume that had the words ‘Medical Record’ written on its cover.

This was the summation of the medical skills left behind by his dear old father, who had drunk himself to his death. Every book represented the pinnacle of medical knowledge. They recorded case after case of rare diseases, including the origins of diseases, medical theories and herbs, complicated and hard-to-treat conditions, as well as recipes to refine all kinds of poisons.

In order to treat Ji Yunshu’s illness, he could only consult the medical books that his own father had left behind to search for records pertaining to bufotoxin [1].


Prince Ji’s Estate

The news that Jing Rong had returned to the capital and entered the palace had already reached Jing Yi’s ears four hours ago. Judging by the time, Jing Rong should have already left the palace to return to his residence.

Meanwhile, Jing Yi was merely sitting down, calming brewing tea. An exquisite birdcage was hung in the corner of the room, housing a chirping bird that kept hopping up and down mischievously.

Dou Quan stood to the side, afraid to make a single sound. However, he was unavoidably rather worried, seeing the prince acting so calm even though Jing Rong had already returned to the capital. After some consideration, he stepped forward to issue a reminder, “Your Highness, if Prince Rong remains in the capital at this time, I’m afraid that in the future…”

Before he could finish his words, the formerly placid Jing Yi suddenly picked up the tea cup next to his hand and flung it harshly against the ground. Clang! The delicate porcelain cup shattered into pieces with a loud smash. What a pity!

Dou Quan immediately shrank backwards. “I beg your pardon, Your Highness.”

Jing Yi’s eyes held a sinister expression, a strange smile curving his lips. He seemed like a totally different person from the one that had just thrown the cup. “Didn’t he say he didn’t want to fight with this prince? I would like to see how he intends to win against this prince. So what if he managed to get hold of the Late Emperor’s edict to enter the capital? Practically all the civil and military officials of the Imperial Court are my people. Even if he grew a pair of wings, he still wouldn’t be able to escape this prince’s grasp.” Brimming with confidence!

Dou Quan didn’t dare to say anything else.

At that moment, Ji Li entered the residence. He had just withdrawn his people from outside the capital and had hurried here without even changing out of his bloodstained clothes.

Jing Yi gave Dou Quan a meaningful glance, gesturing for him to deal with the shattered cup. Dou Quan got the hint and immediately swept the porcelain shards to the side with his foot.

Ji Li entered with a grim look on his face and saluted, “Greetings, Your Highness.”

In contrast, Jing Yi welcomed him with a smile. “Secretary Ji, you’ve worked hard.”

“This official was not able to accomplish the task Your Highness set. I had already issued orders to kill Prince Rong but Qin Shiyu suddenly rushed over with the imperial edict.”

“This prince already knows about this.” Jing Yi stood and walked around his desk to stand in front of him, saying, “Actually, even this prince couldn’t have anticipated that Prince Rong would actually possess the Late Emperor’s edict, much less you. No matter who had been stationed outside the city, they wouldn’t have been able to stop him.”

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Ji Li was still suspicious of the matter. “However, this official suspects that the edict could be false.”

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