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Chapter 811 - Definitely win!

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Chapter 811 – Definitely win!

Although the Jade Condensation Pill was a grade two pill, it was not far from a grade three pill.

Huan Chuyou hadn’t expected that he had underestimated Wei Hanyun’s strength. According to the information he’d received earlier, Wei Hanyun’s strength shouldn’t be enough to refine a Jade Condensation Pill.

In this way, although Liu Qinyue had successfully refined a medicinal pill, she would still lose to Wei Hanyun after doubling her points in the third round.

Thinking of this, Huan Chuyou’s expression couldn’t help but turn ugly. He didn’t expect this to happen in the end. He didn’t know how North Sea Academy managed to find an alchemist like Wei Hanyun.

He had always been extremely confident in Liu Qinyue’s strength. With her age, she was also extremely powerful.

Unfortunately, Wei Hanyun was several years older than Liu Qinyue, and Liu Qinyue suffered a loss.

Seeing Huan Chuyou’s gloomy face, Cang Hongxi couldn’t help but reveal a smile.

The first two matches had caused him to be extremely worried. He hadn’t expected that Wei Hanyun’s pill refinement technique would be as outstanding as Jian Qingqiu had said.

Although he didn’t know anything about alchemy, he could tell from the change in Huan Chuyou’s expression that the Northern Sea Academy would definitely win this alchemy compet.i.tion!

Jian Qingqiu’s expression was indifferent. Although Lingyin College’s alchemist’s performance wasn’t satisfactory, what he cared more about was the cultivator compet.i.tion. As for the alchemist compet.i.tion, it didn’t matter if they let it out.

“The North Sea Academy will probably win this match.”

Chu Jiyou slowly spoke. The Jade Condensation Pill was already of the highest quality among rank two medicinal pills. It was extremely difficult to defeat him.


Chen Yiyu nodded.” Wei Hanyun’s strength is indeed not bad. In the future, he should be a character in the Alchemy World.

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To them, it didn’t matter who won or lost. They were just happy that an extraordinary fellow had risen up in the Alchemy World.

She was very satisfied with her performance, but since her master had revealed such an expression, she was afraid……Wei Hanyun’s pills were even more advanced.

Thinking up to here, Liu Qinyue’s face turned ugly as well. However, it was already too late to refine the pills again.

Could it be……She was going to miss her victory just like that?



Wei Hanyun also finished refining the pill. As the pill furnace opened, a dense medicinal fragrance spread out, and Liu Qinyue’s expression changed a bit.

She hadn’t paid too much attention to the medicinal pill she had refined earlier, but now that she smelled it, she had already confirmed the answer.

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