Beauty and the Beasts

White-Headed Dream, 白头梦

Chapter 771 - End of the Cold Season

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Chapter 771: End of the Cold Season

Parker found a dense piece of wood, then sat on the bed-stove and started carving with a bone blade.

In order to fix the positions more solidly, he even carved out holes on the platter for the figurines to stand on.

After it was done, he placed it on the bedside table, making for a complete family portrait accessory.

At night when Winston returned, he saw at one glance the addition of the small table next to their nest. Seeing the row of figurines upon it, he couldn’t help but smile at Bai Qingqing.

The iron was getting increasingly better, and the progress of smelting it was also very smooth. However, they got stuck at the stage of designing.

Meanwhile, An’an was becoming increasingly easy to take care of, so Winston could handle that now. That freed Parker up to join the other beastmen in forging iron.

The two males took turns alternating between the tasks of taking care of An’an and constructing and designing weapons.

Time flew by peacefully. In the blink of an eye, two months had passed, and they found themselves at the end of the cold season.

The first weapon was finally completed in the village.

What surprised everyone was, the first beastman to finish constructing this complete weapon, turned out to be Parker who joined them last.

Bai Qingqing had always known that Parker had great hands-on abilities, seeing as how he was skilled in making utensils from rocks. But she was still astounded when she saw the four iron claws on Parker’s feet.

Howl howl~

Parker stepped on the iron claws and went in circles around her, his four iron claws making “clang clang clang” noises upon the stone floor, his leopard eyes filled with excitement.

“Stop spinning circles around me. You’re making me dizzy,” Bai Qingqing said with a smile. She reached out to grab his tail, but at the thought of its uniqueness, her hand halted mid-air and quickly changed to grabbing the fur on his butt instead.


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Parker felt the fur all over his body explode. With a leap, he turned around and reflexively used his hand to block her.

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