Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Su Yunjin

Chapter 97 - Elvis’s and Lea’s Wet Performance

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Chapter 97: Elvis’s and Lea’s Wet Performance

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Gu Mengmeng was still unaware at that moment that she would be faced with a wide variety of strange ingredients later. Upon seeing how everyone was so enthusiastic and full of energy, she grinned from ear to ear and thought that everyone was just hungry.

“You all.” Gu Mengmeng waved her hands at Bode and five others, “Can you help me catch two fish?”

Bode did not answer and just stared at Sandy, as if he was waiting for her to make her stand.

Sandy nodded her head without hesitation and said, “Of course, Bode can swim extremely well.”

Bode was pleased by Sandy’s praise and his gaze was filled with laughter and indulgence, as if he was saying, “I simply can’t do anything with you.”. He nodded his head and instructed, “Wait for me on the land and don’t get near the stream, understand?”

Sandy twitched her tiny lips, clearly being upset. Gu Mengmeng would ask her to help but Bode and the rest were still treating her like a useless trash and would only ask her to wait by the side.

“Be good.” Bode cupped Sandy’s chubby face with both hands while his gaze was filled with anticipation, expecting her promise.

“I know, hurry and go.” Sandy was not willing, but she did not intend to resist any further. Being used to… was such a scary phrase.

After getting Sandy’s promise, Bode then nodded in satisfaction. He landed a light kiss on Sandy’s forehead and said gently, “Wait for me.”

Then, he took off the beast-skin dress on his waist and evolved into a leopard before he leaped into the water in a yellow flash.

Perhaps because the people in the Beast World did not fancy fish, the big fish that were plump and sturdy did not have any sense of crisis consciousness at all and even after such a ferocious beast like Bode jumped into the water, they paid no attention and continued swimming or eating, not viewing Bode as their predator a single bit at all.

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Bode lifted his claws and slammed the water, splashing it up to a height of around one meter. The droplets had not even fallen back into the stream yet and two fish which were as thick as Gu Mengmeng’s thighs landed on their backs in front of her.


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