Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Su Yunjin

Chapter 92 - You Help Me Wear

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Chapter 92: You Help Me Wear

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“Le Le… Leader, your shirt…” Gu Mengmeng said each word, trembling. Her entire body was stiff, and she did not dare to move a single bit.

Yes, she was a girl who had slight infatuated female instincts, but that was only within the boundaries of talking. When it came to real actions, she only had the intention but not the courage.

“Hmm?” Elvis hugged Gu Mengmeng tightly, not bearing to release her as he was enjoying the endless warmth she was bestowing to him. The happiness that spread across his entire body made him dive in deeper and he was more captivated by her.

“Where’s your… shirt?” Gu Mengmeng swallowed her saliva. Every fine hair on her body was reminding her that she was being hugged by a naked male and any random, accidental touch would cause goosebumps all over her skin.

“I’ve lost it on the way.” Elvis would never reveal that his beast-skin dress was hooked away by a tree branch because he was too anxious to see her and ran too quickly. And in the two seconds when he turned back to pick it up parsimoniously, he evolved back into beast form and directly ran back to her.

Gu Mengmeng swallowed her saliva once again. Unspoken criticism about Leader was indeed true, he was really rich and generous. He broke the luminous pearl that was as big as a fist into bits and also threw away the fur coat as he wished.

Rich and generous!

“That… Sandy is still watching.” Gu Mengmeng really wanted to push Elvis away but her careless move would most possibly touch something that she should not touch. So Gu Mengmeng could only remain stiff and even her breathing was done with utmost caution so as to prevent the huge movements from causing useless ‘misunderstandings’.

Elvis’s lips curved upwards, and he felt a strange feeling spreading in his heart.

She… minded the fact that another female was looking at his body.

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“You help me wear.” Elvis extended his hand towards Lea and Lea then took his beast-skin dress that was hanging near the entrance of the cave and threw it to him.


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