Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Su Yunjin

Chapter 86 - Lea, I’m Sorry.

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Chapter 86: Lea, I’m Sorry.

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“But…” Gu Mengmeng felt her throat tighten. She was really not good at rejecting someone but regardless of how seductive, holy, fragile and sweet Lea was, Gu Mengmeng really could not entrust her entire life so hastily like this.

“We only knew each other for three days…” “You still have a lifetime to slowly understand me better.” With one hand, Lea supported the back of Gu Mengmeng’s head and with the other, he hugged onto her waist tightly. He was afraid that he would hurt her if he exerted a little more force but he was also afraid that she would escape from his arms and never return if he used a little less strength.

Gu Mengmeng attempted to push Lea away but was not successful. As compared to males, even if she had worked out for two years, she was still a weak girl without any strength to even truss up a chicken.

“Lea, I’m sorry.” Gu Mengmeng gave up on struggling and let Lea hug her like that. She knew that the males in this Beast World had extraordinary hearings so judging based on the distance between Lea and her, even if her voice was very soft, Lea could definitely hear her clearly, thus she said, “A lifetime is too much of a promise. I’m not able to entrust my entire life to someone I only met for three days.”

Lea felt her spine froze. He thought that his heart was not going to hurt again after experiencing all the stuff back then, but… he was wrong.

“But you accepted Elvis…” Lea looked down, slightly dejected.

“Huh?” Gu Mengmeng’s brain was a little slow at processing things. She kind of knew something was deadly serious but she could not point out what exactly it was.

Lea observed Gu Mengmeng’s reaction and asked her suddenly, not knowing whether to cry or laugh, “Are you also not… planning to mate with Elvis?”

“Are you kidding me! Elvis is my Old Godmother!” Gu Mengmeng jumped up out of instinct and all of a sudden, a thought flashed through her mind…

Elvis helped her change her pad before…

And it seemed like he also changed the clothes on her entire body…

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