Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Su Yunjin

Chapter 82 - Lea Degenerating?! Do you want Daddy’s Tail?

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Chapter 82: Lea Degenerating?! Do you want Daddy’s Tail?

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On the other hand, Lea, who was involved, acted as if he was suffering from injustice while holding in his laughter. He nodded his head in cooperation and looked at Elvis, taking pleasure in his misfortune.

An extremely thick and large vein popped out on Elvis’s forehead as he clenched his teeth, roaring, “Lea!”

Being roared at by Elvis, a pair of triangular fluffy ears suddenly appeared on Lea’s head, the position being the same as Sandy’s little bear ears. The difference from Sandy’s brown ones was that it was so white until no foreign particle could be seen on them.

This action of Lea gave Elvis a huge scare. The temper that he was about to lose was suppressed and put out in his chest. Orcs that had completed their evolutions would not show signs of beast formation so could it be that Lea’s ears… meant that he’s degenerating? But were there no previous cases like this in the Beast World before?

Just when Elvis wanted to say something, Lea started swinging his large furry tail. This short move shocked not only Elvis but also all the orcs in Saint Nazaire tribe.

Lea… degenerated?

He was so shocked by Elvis’s roar that he degenerated?

“Le… Lea…” Elvis frowned till his brows formed a dead knot as he opened his mouth but did not know what to say.

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The reason why Saint Nazaire was able to win a place for themselves among extremely strong enemies was not only due to his martial skill, it was also due to Lea’s plans that supported their victory. Regardless whether one of them was missing, Saint Nazaire would collapse and become the target of attack anytime by other tribes, especially after Gu Mengmeng, the messenger of the Beast Deity, had appeared. Once Gu Mengmeng’s identity was exposed, Saint Nazaire would become a common target for all. But why was it at this time Lea had… degenerated?!


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