Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Su Yunjin

Chapter 66 - You Can’t See!

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Chapter 66: You Can’t See!

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Elvis let out a helpless laugh. Gu Mengmeng was always special, treating something so normal in the Beast World like a piece of treasure, while things that held huge significance in the Beast World were right at her fingertips and she did not care a single bit. For instance, although the yellow sauce Sandy had given her was rare, it was still something attainable for someone with capabilities. Another example would be this luminous pearl, although it emitted light, it was useless to orcs with night vision. Only females would like its appearance and play with it. But the satisfaction in Gu Mengmeng’s smile at the moment was as though she had been given some precious treasure.

Looking at Gu Mengmeng playing with the luminous pearl in high spirits, Elvis did not restrain her. He put her down on the floor and carefully protected her at the side, in case she bumped onto the walls or other things. As long as there was no danger, he let her ran around in the cave like a child, holding the luminous pearl and shining it here and there.

While Elvis followed behind Gu Mengmeng with a faint smile. He liked his cave to be filled with Gu Mengmeng’s smell and his territory full of her presence.

“Whoops!” Gu Mengmeng was too attentive and accidentally tripped over something. She was about to fall on her face…

Elvis noticed it and quickly grabbed Gu Mengmeng by her thin waist, just in time to avoid her from a close encounter with the floor. Gu Mengmeng, who had just survived the close shave, heaved a sigh of relief. She brushed off the nonexistent dust on the luminous pearl in her arms and said, “well, all’s good, it did not break.”

Elvis was a little angry. The most important thing in times of danger should be protecting herself, she would definitely have bruised her arms if not for him guarding her just now, and she was saying all these was to shield that damn pearl?!

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Elvis lifted Gu Mengmeng by her armpits in front of him and kept her at eye level. He said in a low voice, “Promise me, protecting yourself should be the priority in any circumstances.”


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