Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Su Yunjin

Chapter 577 - He Represents The Rules In The Beast World.

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Chapter 577: He Represents The Rules In The Beast World.

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Snake was shocked, so…..

 He’s considered Gu Mengmeng’s family member now?

 Upon seeing Lea’s sneaky face, Snake understood that what Lea meant was that if he continued treating himself as the Snake King, they definitely could not do anything to him; but if he would like to join Gu Mengmeng’s family, he would still have to follow their family rules.

 Snake did not say a word as he just quietly walked out of the cave. The bunch of colorful snakes followed behind him, not leaving any behind to eavesdrop.

 Lea turned back to wink at Gu Mengmeng before he left together with Snake.

 Elvis pretended he did not see the interaction between Lea and Snake. He was still unwilling to accept the addition of such a strong psychopath. Snake’s personality was so extreme until Elvis could never defeat him.

 If Snake was only an orc at the peak of the fifth level, even if he was as strong as Wabei, he would dare to race up to him while sacrificing all his muscles and bones.

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 But he was the Beast King.

 That was a wide gap that not only needed hard work to overcome. It needed luck and needed……bloodline.

 And he obviously did not belong to any kind of reputable bloodline.

 He could not stop Snake. With the vast disparity in their strengths, Snake could completely kill him and Lea before replacing their positions to force Gu Mengmeng to stay by his side.

 Nobody in the Snake King Valley would dare to cast their greedy eyes on Gu Mengmeng, even the entire Beast World would not have the courage to touch a strand of Gu Mengmeng’s hair.

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 But he did not do it, he was even willing to place his pride as a king down and abide by the ‘family rules’, ha….he’s Snake, he represents the rules in the Snake King Valley, to put it in a savage tone, he represents the rules in the Beast World.


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