Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Su Yunjin

Chapter 560 - If You Don’t Have Such Strong Tastes, We Can Still Be Friends.

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Chapter 560: If You Don’t Have Such Strong Tastes, We Can Still Be Friends.

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Gu Mengmeng shuddered and she shook her body to get rid of the goosebumps. “If you don’t have such strong tastes, we can still be friends.”

Snake’s expression was cool as he made no comment.

Was eating a wolf considered having strong tastes? Didn’t he normally eat those kinds of four-legged animals? Was there a difference?

Snake’s palm was very big and cooling.

When his fingernails touched Gu Mengmeng’s smooth face, there was a strange touch, as if an electric current flowed down his blood vessels from his fingernail to where his heart was and every touch gave off a numb feeling.

It was strange but not annoying.

Under his palm, her face appeared very small. He caressed her face and felt a soft touch under his fingers, a touch that made one’s mind explode.

However, Gu Mengmeng stretched her hand out to sweep Snake’s hand away, chiding, “The way you look at me is so strange, just like an indecent middle-aged uncle…oh, no, like an indecent thousand-year old demon.”

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Snake chuckled and grabbed onto Gu Mengmeng’s hand, placing it onto his own face. He asked, “Did you see such a good-looking thousand-year old demon before?”

Gu Mengmeng shook her head and said, “This is the first time I’ve seen a thousand-year old living thing, there’s no comparison available.”

Snake lightly poked Gu Mengmeng’s little head and said, “Cherish it, you probably can’t find a second thousand-year old demon in this world.”

Snake carried Gu Mengmeng to a waterfall. That was the place where he brought her to wash her stomach when she was poisoned from his violence.

Snake placed Gu Mengmeng down and took over the red fruit from her hands. After washing it in the pool of water beside the waterfall, he gave it back to Gu Mengmeng and said, “Eat it.”

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Gu Mengmeng did not stand on ceremony anymore as she took the fruit and started munching it in big bites. The gaze Snake gave her while she was eating was extremely gentle.


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