Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Su Yunjin

Chapter 541 - Are You An Idiot?

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Chapter 541 Are You An Idiot?

“Where are we going…” Gu Mengmeng asked in fear.

Snake stopped in his tracks, but did not turn around to look at Gu Mengmeng.

Where to? He had no idea either…

He just felt that he no longer wanted to stay in the cave and watch as Gu Mengmeng and Elvis interact intimately, so he brought her out before he killed him.

“Snake… Regarding me biting you this morning… Sorry, I apologise.” Gu Mengmeng decided to be a girl who dared to admit to her mistakes. When she saw Snake’s back stiffen, she felt a shiver run down her spine, which led her to defend herself, “However, I only bit you because I panicked when you hurt my husband first. So, since you struck first, you share half the responsibility for this…”

Snake took a deep breath and turned his head with a dark expression, “Do not bring up you wild men in front of me, if not you can watch me tear them up in tens of thousands of ways, and you won’t even be able to hurt yourself.”

Gu Mengmeng knew Snake certainly had such capabilities. While Elvis may seem powerful outside, but before a maniac like Snake, their skills were far too inferior, such that even people like Gu Mengmeng who did not really understand the concept of levels could tell, this was just like a WTO wrestler beating up a primary school child…

“I won’t… I won’t I won’t, please don’t be angry.”

With a cold expression, Snake stretched out one arm, with his palm facing upwards, “Twomeng.”

Gu Mengmeng placed her hand in his palms out of conditional reflex, then smiled bitterly. It was as if she was a pet dog that had been trained…

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Snake held Gu Mengmeng’s little hand, finally calming down, slowly retracting his tail and transforming into a human. He brought Gu Mengmeng into his embrace, hugging her, then releasing.


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