Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Su Yunjin

Chapter 539 - Silly, That“s Not A Dream

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Chapter 539 Silly, That“s Not A Dream

When Snake dragged the prey, whose each inch of his bone had been broken into smithereens, back to the cave, he sharply sensed the smoldering atmosphere within. He looked up and attacked Elvis at the speed of light.

“If you kill him, then Mengmeng won’t live on.” Lea spoke neither too fast nor slow, finishing his last word right before Snake’s fangs touched Elvis’ artery.

The speed at which blood was flowing through Snake’s face was apparent. The bottom half of his body was in snake form, and could almost tell the slight lifting going on in his snake scales. He wanted to kill Elvis directly without a care, but when he unintentionally saw Gu Mengmeng’s tiny face that had regained color and recalled how she had bitten him in the morning and her face with tears streaming down, Snake stiffly retracted any signs of attack. His strong tail slapped the ground violently, creating a crater in the ground.

The fat prey was thrown by the entrance of the cave as Snake sped off into the valley in an instant so he could vent. An old tree was uprooted, then twisted into sawdust by Snake’s tail.

However, ultimately, among the trees destroyed, none were fruit trees.

Lea placed Gu Mengmeng back into Elvis’ arms as he subconsciously hugged her tightly even in his state of semi-consciousness. Meanwhile, Gu Mengmeng tilted her head slightly, placing her face on Elvis’ chest, listening to his heartbeat, sleeping peacefully.

Lea dragged his weak body to handle the prey, then looked at the little snakes that were guarding the entrance, trying to take a step forward.

The little snakes did not try to obstruct Lea’s path, so it seemed like Snake probably left orders only directed at Gu Mengmeng.

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That was good too. Lea lugged the prey out of the cave and found a source of water where he could carefully wash and handle the prey Snake had brought back.


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