Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Su Yunjin

Chapter 51 - A Little Ashamed

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Chapter 51: A Little Ashamed

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Elvis felt uncomfortable, but he did not know why. He only knew that he really did not like the way Gu Mengmeng was looking at Lea now. It made him uneasy, anxious and gloomy.

But, he could not stop Lea from getting in touch with Gu Mengmeng.

The whole Saint Nazaire and he must unconditionally support any factors that could keep Gu Mengmeng in the tribe.

Even though, he was hoping so much that the factor was him, and only him.

But if it was not him, or it was not only him, then he rather it be Lea than anybody else.

Lea was undoubtedly the most difficult person to handle as an opponent, but also the most reliable person if he was your companion. Elvis knew that it would be the best situation for Saint Nazaire and Gu Mengmeng if Lea and he became Gu Mengmeng’s partners.

So, Elvis resisted his bulging veins and looked at the pink atmosphere radiating continuously around Gu Mengmeng and Lea with clenched fists. But he did not dash out, destroy it and take Gu Mengmeng away despite everything.

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If Gu Mengmeng’s Messenger of the Beast Deity identity leaked out, she would be more safe with Lea and he protecting her together.


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