Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Su Yunjin

Chapter 497 - You’re Indeed Not Very Eye-Catching Wherever Gu Mengmeng Is Present

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Chapter 497: You’re Indeed Not Very Eye-Catching Wherever Gu Mengmeng Is Present

Ellie was not angry too, she squirmed her body around and attached herself onto Cole’s body once again. She stuck her head out from Cole’s shoulder and moved her hands around every part of his body restlessly. Controlling him, she whispered to his ear, “She says she’s going to leave tomorrow… will you let her go?”

Thinking about Gu Mengmeng, Cole’s expression had a slight change and his gaze became gentler. The corners of his lips curved upwards slightly as he said, “I took so much effort to snatch her away, how can I let her go?”

Ellie said, “Since she wants to see her little wolf cubs so much, why don’t we…..lock her up together with her little wolf cubs?”

Cole glared at Ellie with a cold gaze and said, “She’s my noble master, you’re actually asking me to lock her up? Are you seeking death? Huh?!”

Ellie shook her body and said with an infatuated look, “But if we don’t lock her up….how can we stop her from leaving?”

Cole turned around and sat back onto the bed. Frowning, he said, “That damn bird….if it’s not to arouse Gu Mengmeng’s suspicion, I would’ve directly killed him back then. That way, Elvis and my good brother would be going around aimlessly on a search like headless mosquitoes and not gathering all their firepower to attack Sauder.”

Ellie kept her snake tail and huddled closer to Cole’s feet. She placed her fair arms against Cole’s thighs while her dark green hair was laid on Cole’s thighs. Turning her face to the side, she looked up at Cole and said, “I heard that Elvis leveled up again when he battled with the fifth-level orcs you sent. It hasn’t even been half a year since he mated but he actually advanced two levels at one go. Tsk tsk tsk, what a first-class good…”

As Ellie said, she hissed and held up her snake eyes, showing a greedy smile.

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Cole pinched her lower jaw and smiled a scornful and sarcastic smirk. “Back then, I asked you to seduce him, but what happened in the end? You didn’t even get to touch his belt, right? Since you don’t have enough skills, no matter how first-class he is, you can never get him.”


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