Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Su Yunjin

Chapter 477 - The Father and Son Despising Each Other

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Chapter 477: The Father and Son Despising Each Other

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Lea grabbed Gu Mengmeng’s arm, but did not pull her close, just remaining in the position of being back to back.

He dared not turn back, afraid of seeing her rejection with his own eyes.

She dared not turn back, afraid of not being able to withstand his pleading.

Lea’s voice was a little dry, with a bit of coldness in his hoarse voice, “I… I will go onto the Platform of the Deity’s Punishment.

Gu Mengmeng wanted to ask: Why are you going up the Platform of the Deity’s Punishment?

But the words stopped in her throat and turned into a faint ‘Oh’.

Lea used up all the force he had and slowly released his grip.

He let her go, but she hesitated.

Humans, are selfish and greedy after all.

Lea was right, she was indeed enjoying the care and fawning he had given her by her side.

Gu Mengmeng let out a bitter laugh as she told herself, since she could not give him what he wanted, she should let him go.

Taking her hand out, Gu Mengmeng left heartlessly.

After she had walked away in the distance, Lea could then turn around. He sat on the ground slowly with his back against the tree, he clutched his chest with great force and stared at the direction Gu Mengmeng had disappeared. The left hand that had pulled her wrist remained in the position when she took her hand out. He said, “I was only wrong for that single time in my entire life… But I could not even have the chance of being forgiven?”

Gu Mengmeng brought the kids to the river and was ready to jump down to wash her sons, but was stopped by Elvis.

‘Splash, splash’. With Elvis’s signal, Jialue and Kede jumped into the river.

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Chixuan hesitated for a while, but followed them after being stared by Elvis. Only Kanwu was left standing by the river, full of mud but refused to go down.


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