Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Su Yunjin

Chapter 414 - I Am Not Interested in Someone Else’s Husband

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Chapter 414: I Am Not Interested in Someone Else’s Husband

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Actually, there were not many orcs who could count, but at least they could understand that it meant the quota was decreasing in number.

Besides, the six males who were single, mated in just a few days… and with the number one beauty in each tribe. This had to be the Beast Deity’s blessing.

Just for this reason alone, the males were more hyped up, shouting for Gu Mengmeng to announce the new round of selection criteria.

Gu Mengmeng signaled for them to quieten down, before showing the professional smile of a female senior executive and said, “Considering the family members of warriors, we will set the number of people chosen to be five. The question for this round of recruitment is… this.”

Gu Mengmeng took out two chillies, one red and one green, from the pocket of her clothes. Only Elvis and Lea knew this way of sewing pockets on a hide, so when Gu Mengmeng took out two strange fruits from thin air, the crowd was stunned again…

Gu Mengmeng did not realize how an unintentional act was as shocking as performing ‘swallow the Tower of Pisa alive’ for the crowd, and continued on her own, “Everyone look at this type of fruit carefully, this is the Beast Deity’s blessing. Same as the last time, the deadline is before sunset, the five that returns with the highest number will obtain the place to join Saint Nazaire.”

With that, Gu Mengmeng threw the two chillies into the crowd and said, “A sample for you.”

She immediately regretted her decision right after throwing. Damn, it was just like throwing a piece of meat into a cave of hungry wolves, would there be a stampede accident?

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Elvis carried Gu Mengmeng up and said, “Since we are done, let’s go back to the stone house first.”


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