Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Su Yunjin

Chapter 41 - Sandy, The Female

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Chapter 41: Sandy, The Female

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Sandy wobbled a little after being taken aback by Gu Mengmeng’s radiant smile. She glanced upwards at Gu Mengmeng in a trance, feeling a palpitation that no words could describe.

She was so beautiful, beautiful to the point that Sandy was unable to come up with any descriptions even after searching her dictionary as she felt that there were no appropriate words available. Moreover, this beautiful female did not look down on her just because she was a half-orc, she even… stuck her hand out.

Sandy timidly stuck her hand out but stopped just before Gu Mengmeng’s nails.

Could a half-orc like her touch this beautiful female?

However, Gu Mengmeng did not give Sandy any time for self-pity as she stretched her hand forward, holding tightly onto Sandy’s chubby little hand.

Yeah, pinching it felt so good~

“I made roasted rabbit, let’s eat it together~” Gu Mengmeng tried to appear more affectionate after seeing how Sandy was being so shy though she was clearly salivating. She resembled the little girl who was Gu Mengmeng’s neighbor when she was young.

Sandy was originally attracted by the aroma of roasted rabbit and now that she was being pulled by Gu Mengmeng, she could not restrain herself anymore. But looking at the male behind her, Sandy’s face became red as she said softly, “I’ll just try a bit.”

Gu Mengmeng was not a stingy person, she hit Sandy with her shoulder lightly while affectionately holding onto Sandy’s arm, winking to signal her, “Don’t worry and eat, there’s still a lot left.”

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Although Sandy was a half-orc, but she was also a precious female so the rabbit that Gu Mengmeng roasted was left untouched at its original place other than the two legs Gu Mengmeng herself had eaten.


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