Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Su Yunjin

Chapter 386 - The Heck I Believed You!

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Chapter 386: The Heck I Believed You!

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Gu Mengmeng was a little confused, dream? What did that mean? Was it saying that everything she was going through now had been a dream? Would she be waking up and realizing everything was fake?

Gu Mengmeng was troubled for a while, she looked up at Elvis, before stretching out her evil little hand and pulled hard on Elvis’s ears. Elvis gasped in pain, but dared not to resist, he could only looked at Gu Mengmeng innocently and said without hesitation, “Xiao Meng, I’m in the wrong.”

Gu Mengmeng released her hand and smiled awkwardly, it had become an instinct for Elvis to admit his fault once his ears were pulled.

Rubbing Elvis’s ears, Gu Mengmeng said, “Well, it’s not your fault this time round, I was just trying… to see if it hurts for you.”

Elvis thought about it for a while and shook his head. He said, “It’s not too painful, actually.”

Gu Mengmeng thought, if it was not painful… Perhaps she was really living in a dream? Hesitating for a second, Gu Mengmeng pinched hard on her thigh.

What the heck!

Gu Mengmeng’s tears trickled down immediately from the pain. Looking at the bruises on her thigh, Gu Mengmeng wanted to curse the previous Messenger’s ancestors.

“The heck I believed you,”Gu Mengmeng cursed with tears in her eyes as she rubbed her thigh, “So freaking inconsiderate, it hurts so much…”

Elvis sighed. Swatted away Gu Mengmeng’s hand that were rubbing randomly on her thigh, Elvis covered the bruised area with his warm hand and rubbed it with a fixed pace and a moderate strength. He said, “The first time I met you, you pinched yourself like this too, and you did it today again… Is pinching thigh a periodic movement for you?”

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Gu Mengmeng tilted her head, could she pretend she was an idiot?


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