Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Su Yunjin

Chapter 366 - Gu Mengmeng Received a Nice-Person Card

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Chapter 366: Gu Mengmeng Received a Nice-Person Card

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Ellie was stunned for a moment, she had expected Gu Mengmeng to expose her, from there she could win everyone over with her tears. But… why did Gu Mengmeng not follow the norm?

Ellie’s first partner grinned and comforted Ellie, “See, I told you the Messenger is nice to be with. We have a half female bear in our tribe who used to be bullied by others, but the Messenger never looked down on her and became best friends with her, always taking care of her.”

Ellie quickly hid the shock on her face and put on an innocent and weak look. She nodded her head, smiled at Gu Mengmeng and said, “Messenger, you are such a nice person.”

Ding-Dong, Gu Mengmeng received a nice-person card.

Gu Mengmeng let out a cold laugh. Shit, who would expect to receive the first nice-person card from a flirtatious green tea bitch.

Gu Mengmeng remained calm, she patted on Ellie’s shoulders and said, “Don’t worry, Saint Nazaire is an open tribe, just stay in the tribe and lead a happy life.”

“Yes, I will.” Ellie smiled brightly, a stark contrast to her snake tail.

Gu Mengmeng said no further and returned to Elvis’s arms.

Nothing happened in the day, but when the night came, Ellie’s mating actions began again. Gu Mengmeng excused herself and left with Elvis and Lea, while Ian followed along in the dark.

After walking for a distance far enough, Gu Mengmeng opened her mouth and said, “Lea, you tell the tribesmen, I don’t wish to see any more people mating with Ellie.”

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Lea nodded and did not question.


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