Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Su Yunjin

Chapter 339 - Sandy Was Seriously Injured

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Chapter 339: Sandy Was Seriously Injured

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Nina wanted to snatch the prey of the primary hunter, Sandy tried to block her so Nina ordered her males to attack Sandy. Even though Sandy’s males fought to their deaths to protect her, they could only let Bode bring Sandy back first, however…” Lea connected the things that Bode had said discontinuously in beast language whilst running and explained to Gu Mengmeng.

Taking two steps forward, he blocked Gu Mengmeng, “Sandy’s injury is pretty serious. If you’re afraid you’d be scared, then wait here while I go handle it inside.”

Gu Mengmeng gritted her teeth, snorting, “Scared? Ha, scared of that lunatic chicken Nina not having an ugly death soon? Move, don’t block me from seeing Sandy.”

Lea nodded, backing up to allow them to move forward on the path.

Gu Mengmeng also jumped down from Elvis’ back. Even if Elvis was the leader of the tribe, he could not go into other females’ houses without permission. Other than Gu Mengmeng, the only other person that could go in was the witch doctor, Lea.

Lea followed closely behind Gu Mengmeng. Elvis, Barete and Collin guarded outside the cave without a word, only watching quietly, each having their own thoughts.

Gu Mengmeng entered the cave and saw a skinny, weak bear lying against the corner of the wall, having numerous wounds on her body and her flesh being exposed. Blood was all over the floor, some had already hardened and stuck her fur to the ground, making it even harder for her to move about.

Gu Mengmeng softly called out, “Sandy? Is that you?”

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The bear heard Gu Mengmeng calling, so she raised her head and buried her head, like she was upset and embarrassed at the same time.


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