Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Su Yunjin

Chapter 326 - She Almost Became A Tainted Woman In The Beast World

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Chapter 326: She Almost Became A Tainted Woman In The Beast World

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Gu Mengmeng truly felt that maybe Nina was not the only distorted one but rather the whole Beast World was distorted. Didn’t she just have one less pair of bear’s ears than Sandy? Why the hell did she deserve the willing sacrifice of the whole tribe just to feed her to her fullest?

Gu Mengmeng could not understand and was also lazy to understand this psycho world-view. So, she continued, “Then, it’s also possible that Nina’s unhappy in Saint Nazaire so she left to join other tribes?”

Lea smiled and shook his head again, “In the entire Beast World, besides Saint Nazaire, no other tribe will take in a female whose mating mark has been washed away. Even if she’s a complete female, no tribe will dare to take her in. Won’t they be scared of her playing the same old trick again and harming the original females in the tribe?”

“That…” Gu Mengmeng was actually speechless.

“Since others know that the new messenger of the Beast Deity is in Saint Nazaire, it won’t be hard to know that you and Nina don’t get along well. So, once Nina doesn’t appear at the beauty pageant this year, the most possible scenario is, she’s dead. And the only one with the courage and rights to punish a complete female is the messenger of the Beast Deity. And once this speculation is established, regardless whether the messenger of the Beast Deity is really in Saint Nazaire, Saint Nazaire will become a target for attack.”

After Lea finished speaking, he paused for a moment and chuckled as if he had a ridiculous thought suddenly. Then, he continued, “Of course, it will be an excellent move if you directly appear at the beauty pageant. After officially announcing your identity, any opposition against you will be seen as a provocation towards the messenger of the Beast Deity and that will create a dispute in the entire Beast World. As a way to show their loyalty to you, every tribe will attack and murder those who challenge you. But….why will attacking be the only way to destroy a tribe and snatch the messenger of the Beast Deity away? At that time, I’m afraid all sorts of monsters and freaks will sneak into Saint Nazaire. It’ll be hard to differentiate who’s human and who’s the demon.”

Gu Mengmeng ground her teeth and said, “So, Nina must stay here no matter what? We need to pamper her every year so that she can attend the beauty pageant?”

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Lea shook his head and squinted his eyes. “We can’t hide the presence of the messenger of the Beast Deity even if we want to. After the beauty pageant this year, Nina….will be useless.”


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