Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Su Yunjin

Chapter 313 - Because He Wanted To See It

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Chapter 313: Because He Wanted To See It

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Having named the eldest and youngest, Gu Mengmeng turned around to look at the second and third. These two were much more obedient than the other two as they sat there waiting to be named.

Gu Mengmeng touched the head of the second, “Our second son looks extraordinary, and he can take up the “Xuan” in the Chinese expression “Qi Yu Xuan Ang” (having a dignified appearance). However, the Xuan Yuan Emperor had the same “Xuan”, so if the name carries too much weight it might suppress one’s fortune. How about this, since “Xuan” also refers to “Xuan Gong” star in the sky, we will just at a “Chi” (pond) in front of “Xuan”, meaning our second son is the reflection of the “Xuan Gong” star in the pond. The stars in the water are also stars, shining in mummy’s eyes. How about that?”

“Owh owh owh~” the second straightened his back, expressing his satisfaction.

Smiling, Gu Mengmeng kissed the second eldest, then looked at the third while thinking, “The eldest has morals, the second has looks, the youngest has power. However, one with valor but lacks strategy is nothing but an ordinary man, my son needs to have both bravery and intelligence. The third… just use “Lue”, the “Lue” in “Mou Lue” (strategy). He will be the brains of the four, cooperating with his other brothers and carrying Saint Nazaire forward together.”

Gu Mengmeng thought again before saying, “Adding a “Jia” before “Lue” can be considered that this child has the heart and nature of the Buddha, otherwise… if he is evil, even if he is the most intelligent, he would only destroy the world, and might as well be a fool. I want my son to use his intelligence in kind ways, and be a good-hearted, smart person.”

Gu Mengmeng turned around to look at Elvis, “So what do you say? What about Jialue?”

Actually, there were no such factors considered by Gu Mengmeng in the beast world. What is the use of kindness? What is Buddha nature? In this world, there is only the law of the jungle and survival of the fittest.

However, Elvis would not say that to Gu Mengmeng. Females, should originally live in a beautiful, fairytale-like fantasy, and it is the responsibility of the males to create and protect that fantasy.

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Hence, Elvis kissed Gu Mengmeng’s forehead gently, “Everything you like is good.”


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