Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Su Yunjin

Chapter 291 - Did Not Have My Full

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Chapter 291: Did Not Have My Full

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Gu Mengmeng took the chilli over and in front of Elvis and Lea, she snapped off a mouthful of it, sending it into her mouth before chewing it, giving off a crunching sound.

Terror was written all over Elvis’s and Lea’s faces. This let Gu Mengmeng felt a baffling sense of achievement.

The two males were so shocked until they were speechless and could only stare blankly at Gu Mengmeng eating the whole chilli down her stomach. She took the water beside the bed and drank a mouthful of it before sighing deeply in comfort, “That was too good!”

Elvis took Gu Mengmeng’s water cup over to fill it up again. Then, he asked her with a worried expression, “Are…are you alright? Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere? Shall we let Lea take a look?”

Gu Mengmeng smacked her lips and said, “I’m indeed feeling uncomfortable…because I did not have my full yet. Lea, do you still have more chilli? Give me more of them.”

Lea observed how Gu Mengmeng did not seem to be feigning her expression. Furthermore, if Gu Mengmeng did not ask him to use the yellow root to cook, he would never had thought that the herb, used to expel cold, could also be a seasoning. Not doubting Gu Mengmeng any further, Lea rustled through the mess of herbs and found around seven to eight chilli and gave it to Gu Mengmeng. “I didn’t prepare that many herbs used for attacks because if I overuse them, others would be wary against it so I only used it to get an upper hand when both me and Elvis can’t defeat the enemy…I only have this much of it, is it enough?”

Gu Mengmeng scrunched up her little face and sighed deeply. “It’s a bit too little but still enough to eat a meal of fish fillets in hot chilli oil.”

Lea remained silent for a while before saying, “There’s a lot of this during the rainy season. They would be mashed on the ground without anyone wanting them. If you like it, I’ll pick all of them for you next year.”

Gu Mengmeng nodded her head. The next moment, she shook her head and said, “Don’t go pick it, it’s too troublesome.”

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Lea tilted his head to look at Gu Mengmeng. Just when he wanted to say that he was not scared of being troubled, Gu Mengmeng sliced the chilli and took the seeds out. “Take a small bowl and put the seeds inside. I’ll grow them myself next year during the rainy season. It will be more convenient this way.”


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