Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Su Yunjin

Chapter 289 - Combat in Happiness

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Chapter 289: Combat in Happiness

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Gu Mengmeng’s eyes sparkled and the delighted smile that came from deep down within her was one that even f***ing awesome actors could not pull off. Her little hand inched closer to Lea’s bowl stealthily and before she could touch it, she stopped and asked Lea, “Are you really…not eating?”

Lea nodded his head nonchalantly before pushing the bowl lightly to Gu Mengmeng’s hands, replying, “Here, all for you. Eat up.”

Gu Mengmeng grinned brightly from ear to ear as she held the bowl in her arms, saying in deepest gratitude and affection, “Lea, thank you~”

Lea smiled and nodded his head, not saying a word.

He guarded for two days and two nights just for the Xue Ling fruits to ripen. The harsh wind that acted like a blade was as painful as knife cuts when blown all over his body. After persevering for two whole nights, he finally managed to pluck such a small amount of fruits. However…seeing how Gu Mengmeng was eating so joyfully and smiling in so much happiness, it was enough.

Elvis frowned and asked, “These are sour?”

Gu Mengmeng sent a Xue Ling fruit to her mouth before nodding her head delightfully at Elvis, giving her reply.

Elvis poured the Xue Ling fruits into Gu Mengmeng’s bowl in dislike and said, “I’m a wolf, I only eat meat and not grass, especially not this kind of sour grass that would make my teeth all soft and numb. All for you, eat up.”

The happiness came too sudden, Gu Mengmeng strongly felt a combat in happiness~


My life is complete!

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Satisfied, Gu Mengmeng divided the Xue Ling fruits into three portions and ate them all into her stomach before rolling on the bed happily.


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