Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Su Yunjin

Chapter 255 - Why Are You Sleeping On By Bed?

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Chapter 255: Why Are You Sleeping On By Bed?

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The next few days, a strange harmony lingered among the three of them.

Everything was like in the past between Lea and Elvis as they presented all kinds of good teamwork. Gu Mengmeng, however, felt that she was a third-party interfering in a gay couple’s relationship.

For instance, when Gu Mengmeng opened her eyes in the morning, she realized that she was hugging beast-form Lea while cuddled up in Elvis’s arms. Screaming, she kicked Lea to the ground in horror and then see how Lea slowly crawled up from the ground with his butt still on the ground and one hand rubbing his eyes while the other supporting the side of the bed. He was just staring at Gu Mengmeng with half-opened eyes and his fluffy large tail was swinging behind him, resembling a Samoyed that was being abandoned by its owner.

“You… you you you… why are you sleeping on my bed?” Gu Mengmeng grabbed the beast skin and hugged it in front of her while interrogating him in fury.

Lea shrugged his shoulders innocently and said, “It’s too cold so I came in to sleep.”

Elvis was also awakened by all the noise and he wrapped his arms around Gu Mengmeng from behind her, talking in a unique morning husky voice and lazy tone, “I allowed him to come in, his fur is a lot softer than other beasts’. I guess it’s more comfortable for you to hug it.”

Question marks were written all over Gu Mengmeng’s face and she turned her head to look at Elvis, thinking to herself, “Brother, you have such a big heart.”

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Lea took advantage of this opportunity to climb back onto the bed and used his large tail to cover Gu Mengmeng like a blanket, squeezing the two of them into Elvis’s embrace. Lea closed his eyes and said, looking like he had not slept enough, “I’m too tired from yesterday, let’s sleep some more…”


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