Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Su Yunjin

Chapter 254 - It’s Related, Very Related.

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Chapter 254: It’s Related, Very Related.

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Gu Mengmeng had her back facing Lea and she completely did not know what Lea was thinking about. She was just very satisfied that Elvis did not attempt to slip away and sweeten her.

Yeah yeah, his attitude was still very proper~

Thinking about this, Gu Mengmeng’s expression became much more genial and she held Elvis’s hand in hers gently, talking in a slightly blaming tone, “Secondly, don’t you dare say that it’s alright even if I don’t like you, don’t care for you and even not remember you. We’re a married couple, a whole being who share the same fate of going through thick and thin together. We’re bound together for good or ill and are like birds of the same feather. We’re going to support each other till old age and spend our entire lifetime together. How is that not related? It’s related, very related.”

Elvis allowed Gu Mengmeng to poke his palm with her hand. Her little finger felt like it was coated with yellow gravy and that sweet taste stabbed straight into his heart.

Elvis held Gu Mengmeng’s hand firmly and pulled her into his arms, answering her tenderly, “Alright, I’ll remember. I won’t say those words in the future anymore.”

Gu Mengmeng nodded her head in satisfaction and then said, “And thirdly…”

“Yeah,” Elvis nodded his head, waiting for her to continue.

However, Gu Mengmeng hesitated and contemplated for quite some time before opening her mouth slowly to say, “If… if I’m not the messenger of the Beast Deity, you can’t abandon me.”

Elvis kissed Gu Mengmeng’s forehead and said, “Fool, my stamp is already burned on your collarbone. I’ll definitely not abandon you forever. If you’re not the messenger of the Beast Deity, I’ll have to thank the Beast Deity. That way, I can hide you in Saint Nazaire for an entire lifetime and you need not face the chaos outside too.”

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Hearing this, Gu Mengmeng then truly let go and she tapped Elvis’s chest, saying, “What a good-for-nothing, isn’t it good for your wife to be the messenger of the Beast Deity? That is a position everyone wants to be in because they can get whatever they want, how majestic-looking.”


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