Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Su Yunjin

Chapter 244 - Even Though I Know I’m Not Worthy, I Still Love You

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Chapter 244: Even Though I Know I’m Not Worthy, I Still Love You

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Clenching her teeth, Gu Mengmeng squeezed every word from the gaps of her teeth. She pointed at the large tail wrapped around her waist and coldly said, “Release me or else I have ten thousand ways to make you regret.”

“Such as?” Seeing Gu Mengmeng’s furious expression, Lea, on the other hand, calmed down.

He was not afraid of her being noisy or creating a ruckus. If she said that she wanted to kill him for her anger to subside, he was even willing to open his chest wide for her to dig his heart out and empty his liver.

What he was afraid was that Gu Mengmeng would have no reaction to whatever he did, as if he was truly not important anymore.

He could at least still make her angry, that was excellent good news already.

Gu Mengmeng admitted that the harsh sentence she just said escaped from her lips on impulse.

But being pressed further by Lea like that, she had no choice but to cook up a plan to convince him that she was really capable of doing crazy things.

Sniggering suddenly, Gu Mengmeng said, “For example, ruining your treasured tribe… hurting your loved female… overturning everything you care for while only you… remain alive and well.”

“With my presence, I won’t allow anyone to hurt my beloved female.” Lea touched Gu Mengmeng’s face lightly and continued in utmost tenderness, “I won’t allow it even if it’s you.”

Gu Mengmeng swatted the hand Lea used to touch her face and said, “Don’t say that you love me again because you’re not worthy.”

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Lea did not say a word and just look at Gu Mengmeng quietly. Seeing how she did not plan to continue talking, he slowly opened her mouth, “But… even though I know I’m not worthy, I still love you.”


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