Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Su Yunjin

Chapter 240 - Congratulations, You’ve Promoted.

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Chapter 240: Congratulations, You’ve Promoted.

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Lea did not say anything. It was not because he did not want to but because he was unable to. These few days, he was anxiously longing to reunite with Gu Mengmeng. He pulled through every second of the long and tortuous period and even guarded outside the cave when she mated with Elvis. He could clearly hear her faint breathing, every one of her cries in pain and every moans of pleasure.

That was undoubtedly a type of torment. The only belief that was supporting him was that after Elvis finally became her First Partner, he could then return to her side. As long as she was willing to nod her head, as long as she still wants him, he would be with her forever.

But, the reunion he imagined countless number of times never had a scene like this.

Her eyes could not reflect his figure anymore and only repulsion and resistance was left in her expression. Her call of ‘Daddy Lea’ which made his heart flutter during that afternoon sleep was now a sharp sword piercing deep into his chest, a heart-wrenching pain, nothing more than that.

Lea suppressed his discomfort and checked Elvis’s wound thoroughly before doing an emergency treatment on him. From Gu Mengmeng’s expression, he clearly knew how much she cared for Elvis and if anything was to happen to Elvis, he would lose her forever without a doubt, forever and thoroughly lose her.

That night, Gu Mengmeng cuddled up next to Elvis to sleep. On the other hand, Lea sat by their bed quietly for the entire night.

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The second day, when Gu Mengmeng woke up, her first reaction was to touch Elvis’s forehead and after ensuring that he was not having a fever anymore, she quietly heaved a sigh of relief. She flipped open the beast-skin in utmost cautiousness to look at the hideous wound on Elvis’s back. Blood stopped flowing out from it and the wound looked like it was healing. There was also no infection. Thank the lords.


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