Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Su Yunjin

Chapter 224 - Just Slowly Get Use To It

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Chapter 224: Just Slowly Get Use To It

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Elvis started the fire again and replaced the stone pot containing the ginger water with a bigger stone pot. He dug a lot of snow and boiled it in the pot until the water became warm. Then, he started to wipe Gu Mengmeng’s body for her.

She clearly looked like she was dead tired and no matter how Elvis moved her around, she did not show any intention to wake up.

Elvis was afraid that she would catch a cold again so his actions were speedy and nimble.

After Elvis wiped her clean, he immediately huddled into the blanket to hug Gu Mengmeng in his arms, using his own body temperature to keep her warm.

He could hear Gu Mengmeng’s stable breath by his ear and also smell the dispirited mood after all the pleasure earlier. His desire that finally ceased all activities seemed like it was going to make a comeback so Elvis shut his eyes tight because he knew that Xiaomeng could not stand a second round of suffering again. She had to rest, rest well.

After every breath, Elvis managed to forcefully control the situation with his rationality.

He poked the little girl in his arms lightly and his gaze landed on her collarbone. Elvis’s gaze became hot but gentle and it was a whole tenderness that could melt anything but still keep her warm at the same time.

Until Gu Mengmeng finally woke up, she felt that her entire body was aching as if she was run over by a truck. Gu Mengmeng supported her waist that felt as if it almost broke and groaned out loud, not able to say anything else.

Elvis gave a bowl of warm water to her at the right time and said, “Moisten your throat, it’s hoarse after all the screaming.”

Being reminded by Elvis like that, her mind started playing that happy scene which resembled a movie and she could not shut it off at all.

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Gu Mengmeng truly wanted to find a crack on the floor to hide herself in and become an earthworm. This was so damn shameful.


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